The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 725

Renee thought to herself, ‘Isn’t Stefan Hunt the most cocky and heartless
person? How could he possibly have this many thoughts hidden away?’
“Hunt, you’re… you’re joking, right? Or have you been drinking? Is this the
alcohol talking?” She knew how low the man’s alcohol tolerance was, so it was
still a possibility that this was the case.
The woman refused to believe that he would ever hold such deep love for her,
especially considering their terrible past relationship with each other, and the
fact that she had seen his sheer ruthlessness.
The woman’s question was just like a bucket of water, extinguishing all of
Stefan’s burning passion. Instantly, his rationality returned, and the longing in
Enter title…
his eyes was quickly replaced with hostility. Stefan then let go of her hands and
sneered, “Renee Everheart, is your heart made of stone? You really are the
cruelest, most dense woman I have ever met!”
“Hey, don’t try to pin the blame on me, you should know which of us is truly the
cruelest and-“
“Whatever!” Stefan interrupted her, not wanting to continue the conversation.
After all, he was the CEO of H Group, a man who had always been in the
highest position within his field. Normally, he was the one rejecting others, not
the other way around.
Despite putting his ego aside, all he received in return was doubt and jest from
the woman, leaving him feeling as though she could easily crush his selfesteem.
He thought, ‘I am THE Stefan Hunt, and I refuse to let myself go through such
Just as he was about to leave, Renee grabbed hold of his arm. “Take this with
However, the man just flung her hand off, responding coldly, “Do whatever you
want with it.”
As Stefan left the office, he noticed a group of employees gathered around the
door. It was obvious that they had heard everything that had gone down inside.
Stefan scowled and threatened them, “None of you are to tell a soul about what
happened here… or else.”
The employees lowered their heads frightfully, not daring to say a word.
After Stefan finally left the company, Wyatt walked into Renee’s office as their
At the time, Renee seemed to be on her computer, busily working as if she was
completely unaffected. Stefan’s ‘temper tantrum’ was just another minor episode
to her, and it wasn’t quite enough to affect her mood.
“Miss Everheart, are… are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Renee lifted her head, looking at Wyatt sternly. “So, you’ve all been
acting weird towards me because you thought I was pregnant?”
“Are you not? Really? You’re not pregnant with Mr. Hunt’s child?”
Renee slammed her document on the desk, visibly enraged. “Can you use your
brain for once? I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you’re no longer fit to be my assistant.
Pack your things and collect your salary from HR, you’re fired.”
Wyatt was panicked, but figured that this was inevitable. He had no complaints,
but felt regretful about it. “Miss Everheart, I don’t mind leaving my position, but I
hope that you can face your true feelings some day. The more you resist, the
more it shows that you’re avoiding the truth. If you really didn’t have feelings for
Mr. Hunt, you wouldn’t have used such extreme methods to show it. Who are
you trying to convince?”
Renee fell silent, her lips pressed together. Wyatt’s words were worrisome, as
she knew that she indeed didn’t dare to face the truth deep within her heart…


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