The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 730

“Okay then!” Renee nodded and brought the Rainbow Glaze, along with a big
basket of fresh cherry tomatoes, into the manor.
Stefan’s bedroom was on the second floor, and it was normally off limits. After
placing the basket of cherry tomatoes on the coffee table, Renee headed
upstairs, towards the man’s room. At first, she was going to place the item by his
doorstep, but figured that it would be unsafe to leave such a precious relic
After a few minutes of pondering, she decided that it was best to just place it
inside his room.
Enter title…
With that, she tried to turn the doorknob, but didn’t expect the shut door to swing
open so swiftly. She looked up in confusion, and to her horror, saw Stefan
standing at the door with damp hair and an exposed torso. He merely had a pair
of gray sweatpants on, making him seem casual, chic, and s*xy at the same
time. It really showed just how charming he was.
Renee’s face instantly turned red. She turned around and stumbled over her
words. “I… I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were home! I swear, I didn’t see
The man had just finished taking a shower, and was drying his hair with a clean
towel. When he saw Renee at the door, his handsome face was expressionless,
and his hostility was enough to give someone frostbite.
“What are you doing here?” The man asked in an unfriendly tone. It was clear
that he was still holding a grudge against Renee, and was unhappy to see her.
As the high and mighty Stefan Hunt, he couldn’t help but feel petty over the cold
rejection he received, especially when he had set his pride aside. He was so
choked up with anger that he wished he could send this woman to outer space,
so that he wouldn’t have to see her ever again.
“Don’t misunderstand my intentions, I’m just here to return the Rainbow Glaze.
Since you’re here, I’ll be placing it in your good hands. You won’t have to regret
your decision of giving it away then.” Renee was still facing away from the man,
her back straightened and her voice just as tough as usual. She didn’t want him
to know that she gave the relic back to him out of worry for his life.
Stefan seemed dismissive, crossing his arms over his chest. “Hand it over.”
Hearing this, Renee quickly passed it to him, but she still had no idea how to
face him. Hence, she had been facing away the whole time, even when passing
the box.
However, another awkward scenario arose…
Stefan groaned, refusing to take the box. Instead, he clenched his jaw and
asked, “Where do you think you’re reaching for, Everheart?”
“Huh?” Renee was stupefied and turned around, only to realize that the box was
right on top of his private area.
Her strength had likely made things quite painful.
“S-Sorry! I’m so sorry!” Renee quickly moved the box away and stared at his
crotch, nearly taking matters into her own hands out of anxiety. “Are you okay?
Does it hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital to get it checked? I… I’ll call for
She then took her phone out, intending to call an ambulance.


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