The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 731

The male anatomy was the body’s most vulnerable area, and the effects of
being injured there were awful.
Stefan would make her life difficult if he became impotent because of her. She
didn’t want to be responsible for that, so she couldn’t be careless.
Stefan’s expression clouded, and he grabbed her wrists and asked her harshly,
“Renee, are you done? How much longer will you embarrass me?”
“How did I make you feel humiliated? The hit was quite hard, so it’s best if you
get checked at a hospital. You don’t love your body enough to care for it, but
you’re upset with me for helping you arrange a doctor’s appointment? You have
no idea how to be appreciative!”
Enter title…
“I know you’re a CEO who values your reputation, so you’d be embarrassed to
have a check-up at the hospital. I can help you register anonymously, so don’t
just assume that I’m trying to embarrass you – it’s for your own sake!” She
responded angrily.
“Haha… For my own sake?” His scowl turned into a sarcastic smile, and he
pulled her inside the room and closed the door behind him.
Renee had a feeling something horrible was about to happen. She swallowed
nervously and struggled to get out of his grip. “What are you up to? We’re both
alone, and you’ve even locked the door behind us. People might get the wrong
“Is there a necessity to explain given the state of our relationship?” His voice
was deep as he gazed at the woman in his arms, his eyes dark with desire.
“Stefan, don’t play games. I’m here to cut ties with you by giving you back the
Rainbow Glaze. You can’t jeopardise my reputation like this!”
“It’s too late!” Stefan lost his patience, pushed aside his gentlemanly beliefs,
and carried her to his bed.
“Didn’t you say you want to send me to the doctor for a checkup for my own
good? I believe you are the only doctor qualified to assist me with this
examination. You can tell me whether or not it is broken.” He laid her on the
bed, a smirk on his face.
“Hooligan!” Renee’s cheeks flushed, and her body became warm. She didn’t
want to admit it, but she was physically attracted to him.
They were like opposite poles of a magnet – they couldn’t help but be attracted
to one another while they were together, and keeping them apart took a lot of
“I am, indeed, a hooligan. Do you dislike hooligans?” His delicate fingers
stroked her soft cheek, and a devilish grin appeared on his face. “I’m tired of
being a gentleman. Being a hooligan is more enjoyable.”
Renee finally came back to her senses. Stefan’s kisses, embraces, and power
were addictive – they felt great, but once hooked, they were difficult to walk
away from.
She vowed she would never fall into his trap again!
She raised her hand, preparing to smack him across the face.
His response was faster though, and he grabbed her wrists, held them above
her head, and grinned. “I know you’re skilled, but I’m not too bad either. How
could I pass up this chance if you came here willingly?”


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