The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 732

Try it… if you’re not afraid of becoming impotent!” Renee gritted her teeth and
prepared to strike him where he was weak.
“Do you think I’m afraid of that?” Stefan, on the other hand, wasn’t scared of her
threats at all. He was calm, his eyes fixed on her crimson lips as he prepared to
kiss her.
“Don’t!” She closed her eyes, and rejection was written all over her face.
The kiss she was expecting never came, and she slowly opened her eyes to
find Stefan looking at her in disgust.
“Do you honestly believe I’m that perverted? You should know that I hate forcing
others. You may leave now!” He stood up abruptly after speaking and didn’t look
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at her again.
Even though she had gained her freedom, Renee was suddenly hit with
She stood up and fixed her hair. She gazed at his icy back and wanted to say
something before leaving, but she didn’t.
“Ren, have you finished passing him the gift?”
As she walked down the stairs, she noticed Timothy returning from the garden,
held by Seraphina.
“What brings you here? You’ve already split up with Stef. Do you not understand
the concept of a boundary?” Seraphina watched Renee emerge from Stefan’s
room and acted like a woman who had found her husband cheating.
Renee didn’t back down; instead, she remained in the centre of the stairwell,
staring down at the lady below. “Who made the rule that an ex-wife can’t leave
her ex-husband’s room? Shouldn’t you, as a single woman, keep your distance
from a divorced man?”
“You!” Seraphina was at a loss for words and grabbed Timothy’s arm,
coquettishly saying, “Grandpa Hunt, look at her! She is completely lacking in
manners. Are these appropriate things for a divorced lady to say? I feel like she
still wants to depend on Stef!”
Timothy grinned and shook his head, remaining impartial and refusing to take
sides. “I’m not sure about that, but it’s clear that Stefan is still reliant on Ren. I
am the most familiar with his personality!”
“Impossible!” Seraphina gritted her teeth and muttered angrily, “Stef is quite
proud, so how can he rely on her? They would not have divorced if he still had
affection for her. She must be the shameless one who can’t stop harassing
“Oh, it seems like you don’t know your ‘bro’ well enough, hmm?” Renee
smirked, trying to anger Seraphina even more by testing her patience.
“Your closest buddy may seem arrogant on the surface, but he’s a lover and a
simp at heart. He almost always begs me not to abandon him and to give him
another chance! It seems like just yesterday when he proclaimed his love to me
in front of many coworkers. He stated he couldn’t forget me and wanted to
rekindle our relationship, but I turned him down!”
Seraphina was so enraged that she strode over to Renee angrily. “Be quiet. You
can say anything you want, but you can’t frame him like that. He’s my best
She abruptly stopped speaking and turned to look behind Renee. “Stef! Did you
hear what she had to say about you?”
He was a few steps away from Renee. “She’s speaking the truth,” he remarked
quietly, his back straight and his hands inside his pockets.


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