The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 734

Renee’s question made Seraphina and Timothy curious. They stared at Stefan
and waited for his answer.
His face was emotionless as he said without hesitation, “I think that it’s a strong
alliance between two families as we are both affluent, so it’s a very good
Hearing this, she was stunned. She hadn’t expected him to be this honest.
However, she couldn’t deny that she felt sad.
‘We were a failure, but they are a strong alliance. Knowing this hurts even
more!’ She thought to herself unhappily.
Enter title…
Meanwhile, Seraphina’s eyes shone with happiness, and she was thrilled.
“Stefan, are you being serious? Do you think that we are a good match for each
He didn’t glance at her, and instead focused his attention on Renee. He said
cynically, “In contrast to my last disastrous marriage, we are a perfect fit.” It was
as if he was purposely provoking Renee.
“Oh my god! This is wonderful.” Seraphina jumped up and pulled Stefan’s hand
as she said excitedly, “Since that’s the case, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to
the Beach City Courthouse now and get married. We’ve known each other for
so long, so I’m certain that I will be a good wife to you!”
“No!” Renee suddenly blurted out.
Everyone turned to gaze at her as if they couldn’t believe what they were
Stefan, in particular, was staring at her with mixed emotions in his eyes. He
couldn’t understand why Renee, who was harsh and uninterested in him, was
interfering with his relationships.
Seraphina’s face darkened as she glared at Renee and said, “Miss Renee, you
should mind your own business. Why are you interfering in this? Who are you to
object to this marriage?”
Timothy patted Seraphina on the shoulder and said seriously, “Sera, don’t yell at
Ren. If you want to get married to Stefan and be a part of the Hunt family, the
first thing you have to learn is to treat Ren like your sister. If you bully her, I will
be the first to object to this marriage.”
Immediately, she realized that she had been too emotional earlier, so she stuck
out her tongue and said playfully, “Grandpa Hunt, I’m sorry. I just don’t
understand – she and Stef are already divorced, and she rejected his feelings,
so why is she interfering in our relationship?”
Hearing this, Timothy was speechless. He turned to Renee and said gently,
“Ren, tell me, why are you opposed to Stefan and Seraphin getting married? Is
it because you realize that you can’t let go of him and want to reconcile?”
Renee looked embarrassed, and she explained instantly, “Granpa Hunt, don’t
misunderstand me. I have no intentions towards your grandson. I just think that
he shouldn’t marry someone else that quickly because he would only be putting
others in trouble!”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve been through it before. Stefan is a great boss but not a great husband. I’m
scared that he can’t reciprocate Miss Seraphina’s love for him. If she and the
Murphy family turn their backs on the Hunt family, this will only put the Hunt
family in danger. I’m only doing this for the sake of the Hunts!” Renee explained
In actuality, she was opposed to their marriage because she recalled Mr. Q
telling her that if Stefan and Seraphina married, they would be a stable family,
which would give him an edge in gaining custody of Adie and Abby if he were to
try to take them from her one day.
As a result, it wasn’t that Stefan couldn’t marry, but that she wanted to marry
before him.
Seraphina let out a snort. “Thank you, Miss Renee, for your generosity, but I’m
not the same as you. Stefan and I have been best friends since childhood, so
we will get along well. He will be a good husband, and I will be a good wife. We
will never fight. Maybe you’ll never grasp what it means when the right people
come together, but when the wrong people get together, things definitely won’t
be right!”
Renee offered no rebuttal to Seraphina’s statements, and just smiled curtly.
“You’re right. I’m just a busybody who worries about nothing. I should not have
intervened between you two. Please accept my apologies.”
She didn’t want to remain any longer since it would just make things worse.
Instead of preventing them from marrying, she had to marry Mr. Q as soon as
If Stefan could do it, she certainly could too.


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