The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 735

After Renee had left, Seraphina was even more thrilled. “Miss Renee is gone.
Nobody can stop us now!”
She looked up at Stefan and held his arm as she exclaimed, “Let’s go, Stef.
Let’s get married!”
However, he yanked his arm from her grasp, and his handsome face turned
cold. “Enough. It’s hilarious when it’s a joke, but it’s no longer funny when taken
Seraphina’s smile faded instantly, and she cautiously asked him, “Stef, what do
you mean it’s a joke?”
Enter title…
“When I said I’d marry you, I was joking. Take nothing seriously.” His tone was
ice cold as he spoke.
“Well, what about when you said we are a strong alliance and would make a
perfect match?” She asked hesitantly.
“That was a joke too. I thought you would understand since you have known me
for so long,” Stefan said indifferently.
“No. I don’t understand!” She clenched her fists tightly, feeling humiliated. “You
can make jokes about everything except emotions and marriage. I believed you
because you said it. I-”
“Since you know that marriage isn’t something to joke about, we can’t get
married just for the sake of marrying. It would destroy the sanctity of marriage.”
Stefan’s expression was solemn.
Although he was heartless sometimes, he was serious about marriage. He
won’t marry someone else for fun just to anger Renee.
“Hahahaha. You must be joking. If you think that our marriage will ruin the
sacredness of a marriage, then what about yours with Miss Renee? Didn’t you
marry her without loving her too? You didn’t even know her back then, yet the
wedding was set after three days. I’m your childhood best friend who has known
you your entire life, but you’re saying it’d damage the sanctity of the marriage?”
She questioned, her voice trembling with sorrow. She knew that she was
supposed to calm herself down and keep up the act as his best friend to
convince him. Even if she couldn’t, she could at least stay beside him and
accompany him forever.
But the words he said hurt her. She wondered why she wasn’t eligible to be his
wife since she was equal to Renee in every way.
“It’s because of the past that I am being careful and taking things seriously. We
can’t be as careless as the elderly who match people together at random,” he
“Why are you giving so many excuses? I bet that it’s because you can’t let go of
Renee. It’s sad that she doesn’t feel the same though. She already rejected
you, but you still can’t let her go. You really disappoint me!” Seraphina closed
her eyes, overwhelmed with shame and sadness. After she was done speaking,
she carried her bag and left without looking back.
‘Renee, I might have underestimated you, but I won’t give up that easily. From
now on, I will make your life miserable!’ Seraphina thought fiercely.
Timothy stood there and watched the whole thing without saying anything.
“I’m exhausted simply looking at you and all the turmoil in your life,” he said
finally, and patted Stefan’s shoulder.
Then, he looked at the cherry tomatoes and said to Stefan, “Take them and
send them elsewhere.”
“Just give these menial tasks to the maids,” Stefan said irritably.
“No. You have to go deliver it.” The old man was firm.


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