The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 736

After Renee left the Hunt residence, she was debating whether she should get
married to Mr. Q before Stefan and Seraphina got married. The plan seemed a
little crazy because if she went through with it, Mr. Q would officially be her
husband. If she regretted it in the future, it would be her second divorce.
However, if this was the only way to maintain custody of her children, she
wouldn’t object to it.
While she was lost in thought, her tire came in contact with a screwdriver,
flattening it and causing her car to stop on the side of the road.
Seraphina drove her sports car over and honked at Renee, then drove slowly to
the roadside as well. She stuck her head out of the window, a smug expression
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on her face. “Miss Renee, is your tire flat? What a shame. Do you need me to
give you a ride?”
“It’s fine. I’ll call a tow truck.” Renee didn’t want to interact much with Seraphina,
and didn’t even spare a glance at her.
“That’s so troublesome. I have a tow hook in my car, so I can tow you to the
repair shop. I won’t charge you any money.” Seraphina then honked her horns
sarcastically and stated, “You don’t have to be ashamed to ask for help. After all,
you’re my senior, so I should be able to assist you.”
Renee looked up and stared at Seraphina incredulously. “Senior?”
“Well, you’re Stef’s former wife, and I’m his current wife, so that makes you my
senior,” Seraphina explained simply.
When Renee heard this, she was at a loss for words.
Seraphina continued, “You look so calm on the surface, but you’re secretly
angry, right? Aren’t you curious about the details of our wedding?”
Renee raised her brows and said, “To be honest, I am. I’m even more curious
as to why he isn’t with you right now to marry you. Didn’t you two want to be
married earlier?”
Seraphina’s face darkened instantly, and she clenched her fists. If not for her
fear of Stefan’s wrath, she would have stepped on the gas and knocked Renee
She didn’t want Renee to find out that the plan to marry Stefan was ruined, so
she could only lie to her. “Stef and I are so perfect for each other that it doesn’t
matter when we get married. We want to find a perfect date to get married and
attend it in all our fineries. After all, we both love each other, not like you-”
“Okay, I know the two of you are perfect for each other. Please let me know the
date ahead of time so I can put up fireworks for the two of you!” Renee was
curious about the date. She wasn’t in a rush since they weren’t either. She had
to be one step ahead of them if they were going to marry shortly – she couldn’t
possibly lose!
“If you want to know, then hop inside. I’m new to being a wife so I have a lot of
questions to ask my senior.” Seraphina invited Renee again.
Renee hesitated for a while, and eventually agreed after thinking that Seraphina
wasn’t capable of hurting her. “Sure. Sorry for troubling you.”
After she finished speaking, Seraphina used her tow hook to hook Renee’s car
to hers, then opened the door for Renee.
Renee soon realized that Seraphina’s driving skills were much superior to her
ability to spout nonsense.


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