The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 737

Seraphina succeeded in passing vehicles on the road while dragging a car
behind her, which was very impressive to Renee.
“Do you like racing?” Renee inquired calmly from the passenger seat.
“Stef and I are well-known F-C1 Racing Club racers. You’ve seen my abilities,
but I’m a little inferior to Stef. That’s one of the reasons I respect him. He is so
gifted that he excels at whatever he attempts. How could he be that gifted?”
Seraphina passed another automobile smoothly as she spoke.
Renee was taken aback by the unexpected acceleration and grabbed the door
handle. “Oh my goodness, be careful! This slope is 60 degrees. Do you want to
die by speeding here?”
Enter title…
“Don’t worry, I know exactly what I’m doing. It’s only a hill – no one will die,”
Seraphina said confidently. She drove fast and had no intention of slowing
Renee rolled her eyes. “Of course you’re protected. If something happens here,
at the speed you’re driving, the passenger is the one most likely to be killed.”
When she said this, she was struck by realization, and turned to Seraphina with
a complex expression on her face.
Seraphina just gripped the driving wheel and looked at Renee without saying
Renee’s thoughts were confirmed by that hateful stare. Seraphina was doing it
on purpose, possibly to warn her or to murder her.
“It seems that Miss Seraphina never fails to surprise me!” Renee murmured
thoughtfully as she glanced at Seraphina’s lovely side profile.
Renee felt she was a harmless lady who spoke too much and wasn’t a danger
before this, but it now seems that she wasn’t as innocent as Renee had
assumed. After all, she was the heir of a wealthy family and Stefan’s closest
Renee was the naive one in comparison to Seraphina.
“You crack me up, Miss Renee. Indeed, I’m a simple girl. I won’t hurt anybody…
unless they annoy me. If someone does offend me, I will do all I can to get rid of
them. Besides, I have a method of getting rid of them quietly so that no one
notices. So, ever since I was a child, no one has dared to compete with me
because they will die if they do.” Seraphina spoke quietly before stepping on the
gas pedal and increasing the pace.
Renee’s body jolted forward, and she would have cracked her skull if it hadn’t
been for her fast response. She had to admit that such a threat was pretty
frightening. Anyone would feel intimidated by the threat and pledge to stay
Renee, on the other hand, was not a coward. It would have been preferable if
Seraphina hadn’t threatened her, since Renee was now intrigued.
“You shouldn’t be telling me this, Miss Seraphina. You won’t even get a chance
to speak if I really wanted to compete with you. On the contrary, I am helping
you. Your true adversary is not me. It’s futile if both of us fight to the death and
let the other profit.” Renee laughed.
Seraphina was perplexed when she heard this. “Do you mean there’s someone
“Of course!” Renee sighed deeply, feigning misery. “How do you think I was
kicked out of the Hunt family to begin with?”


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