The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 738

Renee was clearly hinting at something. Seraphina wasn’t stupid, so she saw
what Renee was implying right away.
“I know things were difficult when you and Stef split. You had been banished
from the Hunt family and had nowhere to go.” Seraphina let down her guard and
sympathized with Renee.
“When it comes to vying for Stefan’s heart, no one can beat that lady. She
managed to persuade Stef to defend her with only her innocent expression. It
made me furious to watch him pamper her like a baby!” Seraphina felt enraged
as she talked, and she couldn’t help but smack the steering wheel angrily.
Enter title…
Briar was, without a doubt, the lady she was referring to. Renee’s previous life
had been a living nightmare because of her!
“It’s pointless to be angry. Your closest buddy likes ladies that seem naive.
Instead of battling me, learn her methods and appear to be fragile and weak. It
would be ideal if you could discover a way to get pregnant with his kid since he
would then have no option but to marry you…” Renee seemed to be genuinely
instructing Seraphina on how to pursue Stefan based on her own experience.
Seraphina scowled and looked at her suspiciously when she heard this.
Renee rolled her eyes and scoffed, “Why are you looking at me like that? This is
all real-life experience, and it will come in handy when dealing with a moron like
Stefan. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!”
“Are you really that uninterested in Stef that you’re instructing me how to pursue
“Oh, certainly,” Renee said and shook her head. “If I still had feelings for him,
you wouldn’t stand a chance against me.”
Seraphina, in her opinion, was much superior to Briar. Although she was
arrogant and domineering, she was open about it and wouldn’t do anything
behind her back.
And it was for this reason that she wished Seraphina would win.
“Alright. This time, I’ll believe you. I’ll deal with Briar first!” Seraphina’s eyes
blazed as she said. She decided to temporarily shift her focus to Briar, and
would deal with Renee later.
Renee returned to Azure Group to finish up some work after finally dealing with
Seraphina. Now that she no longer had the Rainbow Glaze, she needed to
devise a plan to reclaim control of the land from Rubio.
She was seated in front of her workstation, urgently searching for information,
when Rubio phoned.
“Ren, my old buddy, do you intend to call it quits on our friendship?” Rubio’s
voice was as cunning as always.
Hearing this, Renee secretly rolled her eyes and replied in the same pretentious
tone as him, “No way, I’m just trying to think of a way to calm you down. You
know, I have black circles under my eyes from the nights I spent thinking of a
solution. Why don’t you grant my request for a change? After all, the Pascal
family has a lot of property.”
Rubio chuckled again and continued, “I also feel like I’m being a bit harsh, but
there’s nothing I can do about it. The land does not belong to me.”


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