The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 739

Renee was a bit taken aback. She had done extensive research and had
discovered that the property was owned by Rubio.
However, according to him, it belonged to someone else.
“Since the boss’ identity is unique, he is unable to seize control of the property
using his own name. Fortunately, the Pascal family has the financial means to
purchase the property, so I helped him with it. On the surface, it seems that I am
in command of the land, but I do not make the decisions. Additionally, it wasn’t
me that wanted the Rainbow Glaze, but him.”
Rubio purposely reminded her, “I’m warning you now – we can’t afford to offend
the boss. Don’t try and do anything under his watch.”
Enter title…
“I want to meet the person who can make you call them ‘boss.’ I’m not
concerned about regaining ownership of the land, I just want to meet him,” she
said excitedly. She was like a lively child eager to start a new game.
She wasn’t really pleased to see Rubio since she felt he was rather plain.
However, now that she knew there was someone more powerful than Rubio, her
curiosity had been piqued.
“Sure. As a buddy, I’ll assist you… I’ve already arranged a dinner for you and
the boss,” he said after a little pause. “It’s up to you if you can win him over or
“Thank you very much, Rubio.” Rubio had purposefully made things tough for
her because of the boss’s orders, she knew. She would try her best to get the
property as soon as possible to meet Abby’s living requirements.
Renee hadn’t yet returned home, so Adie and Abby stood at the door once
again, waiting for her.
“Adie, Mommy hasn’t come home today, and I’m having trouble contacting
Daddy Q. Might they have gone on a date?” Abby gazed up at Adie curiously.
Mr. Q would normally be at home at this hour, having prepared food for them.
However, he had not returned home for the entire day, and they had been
unable to contact him.
Abby was unaccustomed to this. She missed Renee and Mr. Q.
“I don’t think it’s possible…” Adie cupped his chin and said seriously, “It’s normal
for Mommy to work till late at night. If Mr. Q was with Mommy, he would’ve taken
a picture and sent it to us to show off. He’s so quiet now which could only
“Could only mean what?” Abby asked eagerly.
“He’s probably lazy. He didn’t want to cook for us anymore, so he turned off his
phone so we couldn’t bother him.”
“That sounds possible. So, I guess we shouldn’t trouble him tonight and let him
rest,” Abby said thoughtfully.
Mr. Q had been looking after them for the past few days, so it was reasonable
that he needed to rest.
“I believe he should rest too. We’ll be at a loss if he gets sick from being too
fatigued,” Adie reasoned.
The doorbell rang unexpectedly while the two of them were debating it.


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