The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 740

“Ah, it’s Daddy Q, and he’s come to play with us! Let me go open the door!”
Abby’s rosy cheeks were the colour of apples as she grinned and rushed
towards the door.
“Daddy Q, you’ve arrived. We missed-” She opened the door while standing on
tiptoe, and the smile died on her face when she realized the tall and attractive
guy standing outside the door wasn’t Mr. Q. “Wow, uncle, you’re quite
handsome,” she said adoringly. “Are you lost? Who are you searching for?”
Stefan looked down at Abby standing there adorably. “Excuse me, does Renee
live here?” His icy stare softened involuntarily.
Enter title…
“Handsome Uncle, why are you searching for my Mommy?” Abby was naive,
and spoke bluntly.
Stefan’s eyes widened slightly when he heard this. “Your Mommy?”
“Yes. Renee is my Mommy. She is still working, so you’ll have to wait a bit if you
want to meet her!”
Abby liked Stefan instinctively, and pulled him into the house by grabbing his
large hand with her small, pudgy fingers.
When she noticed he was carrying a basket of bright red cherry tomatoes, she
acted like an adult and politely said, “Oh, Handsome Uncle, you didn’t have to
bring us a gift! The cherry tomatoes look delicious and sweet though, so I’m
sure Mommy would like them!”
He was speechless when he heard this.
Stefan, who was 6 feet tall, stood still as Abby grasped his hand. He didn’t dare
move or speak, and just obeyed her instructions, feeling his heart melt at her
When Adie discovered that Abby had brought a stranger into their home, his
guard instantly went up. “Who are you, and what brings you into our home?”
He crossed his arms and glared at Stefan, his expression serious.
Stefan stared back at Adie in shock, surprised by the little boy who had the
same coldness and solemnity as him.
Adie was like a mini Stefan, while Abby was like a mini Renee. He felt a rush of
emotions in his heart.
“Are you also Renee’s child?” He asked Adie.
“I’m not going to answer that until Ren gets home.” Adie quickly pulled Abby to
him, looking at Stefan like he was a monster.
Abby, meanwhile, put a hand on her brother’s shoulder reassuringly. “Adie, I
believe this uncle is a nice guy,” she remarked pleasantly. ” You don’t have to be
scared of him. He’s most likely Mommy’s friend. He even gave us a bunch of
delicious tomatoes!”
She was eating a tomato as she spoke, and the delicious flavour of it reinforced
her belief that Stefan wasn’t a bad guy.
Adie frowned hopelessly and scolded her, “Abby, didn’t I warn you not to trust
strangers? You’ve never even met him before, so how do you know he’s not a
“Oh, that’s simple. Bad people are ugly. Their faces will be scarred and they will
be large. But this uncle is incredibly attractive, even more so than Daddy Liam!
How could he possibly be bad? He’s surely a nice guy!”
Stefan was taken aback and said, “Little child, you and your mother are very
much alike – you two are both shallow.”
He remembered how Renee fell in love with him because of his looks. Genes
were such a curious thing!


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