The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 612

Chapter 612 

Chapter 612 

He agreed

Luna was immediately overwhelmed by excitement

Lester nudged Luna, hinting that she should offer Hugo tea as a sign of respect

Luna snapped back to her senses and quickly poured a cup of tea. I look forward to learning from you


Luna was so sincere that she did not notice the cleavage she revealed when she bowed 

Hugo accepted the cup in satisfaction with a smile on his face. Mm. An excellent student!” 

As he said that, he secretly shot Lester a look

Lester left the scene

Now, only Hugo and Luna remained

Hugo sized her up and secretly swallowed his saliva, saying, Luna, the medical field in Florence is as vast as the ocean. Where do you want to start?” 

Acupuncture,Luna answered without hesitation

That was the main topic of the medical book that the Wolf King gave to her. Furthermore, she had also learned from Thedus for a while, so she knew the basics

Acupuncture is good!” 

A wicked light flashed in Hugo’s eyes as he thought of an idea

Since you want to learn acupuncture, let me explain the distribution of acupoints in the body and how to locate them. Listen carefully, watch closely, and remember it well.” 

Then, Hugo took the opportunity to occasionally tap Luna’s body while demonstrating the acupoints, claiming that it was part of teaching through direct experience

Although he did not go too far, Luna still blushed

Let me tell you about the Shanzhong point!Hugo grinned

The Shanzhong point was right in the middle of the chest

Luna was startled. She blushed and stammered, Master, I know where that point is. We can skip it and 

move on to the next one” 

Hugo’s expression grew into a teasing one when he saw her reaction. He said, Well, I’ve told you about a lot so far. You can go have a drink and take a break, and we’ll continue later.” 


Luna could use the chance to regain her calm and think of what to do next. Thus, she picked up the teacup on the side and drank it

Hugo’s smile widened

After resting for a while, Luna still did not feel comfortable being touched by Hugo, so she suggested.Master, I already know where the acupoints are. Can we learn something else?” 

Sure.Hugo took Luna’s hand and gently caressed it ThenI’ll explain to you the physical differences 

Chapter 12 

between men and women.” 

Luna instantly paled, but before she could react, she collapsed on the table

What a beautiful body!” 

Hugo could not resist anymore. Transparent drool dripped from the corner of his mouth. He stripped Luna’s clothes happily, then reached out toward her chest


Just as his hand was only an inch away from its target, a hand suddenly reached out from an angle and grasped his wrist. It was like an iron vice

Hugo could not move or break free no matter how hard he struggled

He was enraged

When he turned his head to look, he saw a man with an icy expression. It was Andrius!


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