The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 613


Chapter 613 



Hugo glared at Andrius and was just about to say something, but before he could, he felt an intense pain 

in his arm

Andrius snapped it violently. Then, he unleashed a fierce attack on Hugo, as if he were a swift blade


Hugo’s cries of pain echoed throughout the room

Whenever Andrius moved an inch, Hugo would let out a scream. It was almost like a rhythm

After venting his anger, Andrius threw Hugo to the ground and checked on Luna’s condition

GGoddammit!Hugo struggled to get up from the ground, his face bruised and full of resentment. Guards! Kill this damned b*stard!” 


With his words, over a dozen men rushed into the room. The burly and muscular men cracked their knuckles, making a series of popping sounds

However, before they could approach Andrius, he easily defeated them with a single punch each. They lay on the ground, groaning

Hugo did not expect Andrius to be so good at fighting

However, as the renowned Wicked Doctor of the capital, he could not bear this humiliation. He pointed at Andrius and threatened, If you have the guts, then kill me! OtherwiseAhhh-” 

Andrius always disliked scum like Hugo

He rushed forward and grabbed Hugo’s finger, and bent it at a 90degree angle, instantly causing blood to gush out

Hugo screamed in pain. Cold sweat beaded his head, and his veins bulged. His agonizing cries rang out as he quivered. It was a shame he did not join a singing competition

Then, Andrius tossed him away and said with a vague smile, “Well, it’s the first time I’ve heard such



Just as he spoke, a flash of silver light swiftly pierced Hugo’s body

Hugo felt his body cool, and his expression instantly changed. Wwhat did you do to me? Agaga Gaga 

His head suddenly jerked, and his mouth twisted, drool flowing from the corner of his mouth. His expression also turned idiotic

It was clear that Andrius made him a fool

Then, Andrius called Dax

Wolf King! Don’t tell me someone caused you trouble again.” 

Dax was already used to this. He had just pulled Andrius out of the police station yesterday

Now, Andrius was calling him the next day… 

Come on

He was the Southern Warzone Master. He was a man who stood above other men! It was not his job to clean up other people’s messes

Andrius got straight to the point and said, Send someone to close Hugo Stark’s clinic.” 

Hugo Stark? The Wicked Doctor?Dax remembered the title and instinctively asked, What did he do?” 

Andrius said coldly, He made a move on Luna.” 

Dax hissed at those words


Who was Luna

She was the Wolf King’s wife

Hugo did not know what was good for him and actually tried to make a move on her, making the Wolf King a cuckold… 

He should change his title from the Wicked Doctor to the Dead Doctor

Dax hung up with cold sweat and immediately made another call, ordering his men to go over

Meanwhile, Andrius checked Luna’s condition. Fortunately, she was just drugged with a strong sedative, so her condition was not that serious

Andrius removed her outer garments and began to administer acupuncture treatment. Mmh..


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