The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 614


Chapter 614 

Luna let out a moan, whether it was due to the cooling effect of the silver needle or the strong sedative kicking in

Her charming body and alluring voice were irresistible

Even Andrius, who had undergone professional training, could not help but tremble when he touched her tender skin. He hissed and forcibly suppressed the throbbing in his heart, muttering for himself to stay cool to prevent himself from making a mistake

Even an old and experienced veteran could not resist such a temptation

WWolf King” 

When Andrius gradually regained his composure, Luna suddenly opened her eyes and murmured while looking at him. She had seen the Wolf King up close at Celestial Enterprise

Although he had worn a mask, she remembered his bright eyes clearly

When she saw Andriuseyes in her dazed state, she mistook him for the Wolf King and could not help but throw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck


Andrius felt the weight of two mounds pressing against him, as well as her strong scent that assaulted him. He almost gave into his primal instincts as the Wolf King

No! He could not continue like this

Seeing how aggressive Luna was, Andrius immediately pushed her away and swiftly pricked a silver needle into her body to make her fall asleep again

Even so, he still could not dodge her fierce kiss


After administering the acupuncture, Andrius suppressed his urge to surrender and knocked her out

You really are a fierce woman. You almost made me lose my glory! You’re probably the only one in Florence who can make the Wolf King so wretched.” 

Andrius looked at Luna with lingering fear and hurriedly dressed her, then washed his face with cold 


Soon, Dax’s men arrived outside. The group was led by Drogo, whom Andrius had met briefly at the Grand Aurelia Hotel

Wolf King!” 

Drogo still remembered the scene where Andrius had defeated Dax in just three moves. Thus, even though he did not work for Andrius, he still showed great respect and saluted Andrius


Andrius nodded in response and ordered, Take her back to Kavo Estate and inform Madam Montecarlo about the situation here. Remember, don’t reveal my identity 


At Kavo Estate, when Jane saw Lester return so quickly without Luna, she had a suspicion in her heart. She pulled Lester aside and asked, Lester, how did things go with Luna’s apprenticeship?” 

Lester felt a little guilty and stammered, Iit’s done. DDr. Stark accepted Luna as his disciple… 

Jane was overjoyed and praised, Great! You did well. I’ll increase your allowance next month!” 

Thank you, Grandma!Lester did not expect such good news

Haha, you can do whatever you want Now, Luna should be able to learn some excellent medical skills” 

Jane waved at him and began to fantasize. She imagined Luna’s medical skills greatly improving, and achieving excellent results in the Grand Medicinal Competition. Then, she would marry into a topclass prestigious family

The Conerys would rise to power…. 

What a satisfying and delightful thought

Lester could not help but sneer in his heart when he heard Jane mutter to herself

Luna had fallen into Hugo’s hands. She would not be learning medicine. At most, she would learn how to 

use her hands… 

She was wasted on that lecherous man


Just as Jane was fantasizing, a car suddenly drove into the estate

She looked up and saw two soldiers supporting an unconscious Luna. Drogo also got out of the car.


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