The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 617


Chapter 617 

Andrius was not looking down on Luna

He just wondered what kind of merits and abilities she possessed to surpass countless famous doctors and rank second on the popularity chart for the Grand Medicinal Competition

That was absurd

Were the people voting based on attractiveness

Was this a contest of looks

Did the netizens vote for Luna because she had a pretty face

Andrius could not think of any other reason. He looked at Dax and asked, Is the popularity poll for the Grand Medicinal Competition ranked based on looks?” 

Looks?Dax looked at the ranking list and shook his head while saying honestly, From what | understand, her votes were solicited.” 

Vote solicitation… 

Andrius was at a loss and asked awkwardly, What’s the difference between that and cheating?” 

It’s not considered cheating. According to the rules of the popularity poll, solicitation of votes is allowed. After all, every person has three votes. However” 

He looked at Andrius and said meaningfully, If a contestant has an overwhelming number of votes but lacks the strength to back it up, they’ll surely be targeted.” 

Even though phrased it euphemistically, Andrius still understood his meaning

The Internet would undoubtedly criticize and condemn the vote solicitation that Luna was doing

Thus, Andrius turned on his phone

Tsk, tsk, tsk, just who is Luna Crestfall? How can she rank second? Is she manipulating the votes?” 

I’ve lived for a long time, but it’s my first time seeing someone as shameless as her.” 

What medical skills does Luna have? How can she surpass so many famous doctors? It’s ridiculous!” 

With her level, she might be eliminated in the second round. That would be a huge joke.” 

The opinions in the comments section were quite clear 

Most netizens were cursing Luna. Only a few netizens who liked Luna for her beauty cheered for her 

I think it’s reasonable for Luna to be in second place.” 

Luna is so pretty. It’s natural that she would be in second place.” 


Andrius could not bear to look

Although Luna had always been smart, she made a terrible mistake this time

In Kavo Estate, Luna panicked when she saw herself ranked second on the popularity chart

Grandma!She went straight to Jane and asked with a stern face, How am I second in the Grand 

Chapter 617 

Medicinal Competition popularity poll?” 


A voice to the side said righteously, It was me, Luna. I spent some money to buy a lot of votes online and ensured they all voted for you, guaranteeing your entry into the second round.” 

The one who had spoken was Alec

Luna’s face flushed deeper. “Uncle, there are many famous doctors participating in the competition. Don’t you think you’re putting me on the spot by pushing me to second place?” 

She was exasperated. This was not helping her. It was smearing her name

What’s the big deal?Alec shrugged nonchalantly. As long as you don’t feel embarrassed, you’ll be fine! Besides, the official rules allow this kind of play. You haven’t violated any rules or laws. What are you 

worried about?” 

He was not the one being criticized, so he naturally did not think that it was a big deal

Luna was speechless


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