The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 618

Chapter 618 

Uncle, you should’ve at least discussed it with me before doing this. Now, so many people online are cursing me” 

One definitely needed a strong heart to bear the insults of hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people

Alec thought he was helping Luna with good intentions and spent quite a bit of money to buy all those votes for her, but when she did not appreciate it, he immediately got angry

Cursing you? Luna, I’m not trying to nag you, but life is like a battlefield, and so is the Grand Medicinal Competition. To win, you must use any means necessary. I went through so much trouble to help you and secured your place in the second round. What’s wrong with getting cursed a little?” 

Luna was speechless

Getting cursed a little

She was cursed inside and out

It was far from little at all

Only she was able to withstand such immense pressure. If it were someone else, they might have jumped off a building from all the criticism

Look, Uncle!Luna’s face was ashen as she opened the comments section and handed the phone to Alec. You call this a little cursing? My reputation is ruined!” 

Alec glanced at it and saw the endless expletives. He instantly paled when he saw that the Conerys were also dragged into the drama

The rest of the Conerys also opened their phones. When they saw the comments, they all fell silent

Although buying votes was not against the rules, it aroused public anger, and Luna became the target of 

millions of netizens

Jane held Luna’s hand and said in a heavy voice, Luna, since the incident has already happened, talking about it won’t change anything

In my opinion, since you’ve secured your place in the second round, it’s better to prepare well for the next round.” 

Jane was at ease because she was not the one being cursed

As long as you can overcome each challenge, persist until the final round, and get a good ranking, you’ll naturally be able to prove those netizens wrong and shut their mouths.” 

Luna naturally understood that. She had no choice but to drop the matter

For the next two days, she continued to stay in her room and focused all her attention on studying the book the Wolf King gave her. She did not go out or confront those who insulted her online

The day before the Grand Medicinal Competition, all the participating doctors gathered in the capital regardless of their ranking. Some who did not sign up also appeared

It was like a conference. Any medical enthusiast could not help but be passionate about it

That night, a special plane landed amidst the strict airport security measures

Numerous frozen bodies from the Kleins were carefully transported out. They were brought to

Chap 618 

designated location under the protection of powerful forces that stood guard in all directions

At a hidden base, Andrius stood with his hands behind his back, gazing into the distance through the large floortoceiling windows


Wolf King, the Kleinsbodies have reached their destination. What should we do now?” Captain Harpy reported respectfully behind Andrius

A mask will do,Andrius muttered

Yes, sir!” 

When Harpy left, Andriusgaze became distant. His profound eyes glimmered like ancient stars. Florence has been quiet for too long. It’s time for a change!” 

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