The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 619


Chapter 619 

The next day, amidst the attention of the masses and their excitement, the Grand Medicinal Competition finally began

The grand hall was a building that cost billions and took Florence’s finest seven years to construct. It was large enough to accommodate over a hundred thousand people. Its overall structure resembled a palace, blending numerous elements of ancient Florence with modern facilities, ensuring an unparalleled experience

This was the venue for the Grand Medicinal Competition

Hanging in the middle of the hall was a large banner with the words Fifth Grand Medicinal Competitionwritten in golden font. The words were still clearly visible under the bright sunlight even from tens of thousands of meters above

A couplet was already hung on the magnificent gate

The first half read, To help the world with medicine, to embrace benevolence, and to consolidate our foundation.” 

The second half read, To save the dying and heal the wounded with miraculous skills, and to use medicine with sincerity.” 

This was the purpose of the Grand Medicinal Competition

Inside the hall were numerous statues. At the front was Hippocrates, who was undoubtedly the father of medicine. Behind that were numerous statues of figures who inherited Hippocratesspirit and became famous physicians in the world of medicine. They had all written books and invented miraculous cures. They were all brilliant gems in the medical field

In the grand hall, the central focus was the stage of the Grand Medicinal Competition, spanning an area of over a thousand square meters

On the stage were cauldrons on red lacquered stands. The aroma of medicine filled the air with a clear fragrance. A crystal chandelier hung above, illuminating every corner with light

Below the stage, nearly a hundred thousand seats formed a vast array like the Milky Way, enveloping the stage without leaving any vacant spaces

At the front were the esteemed dignitaries

There were also a group of judges, a jury, and prominent figures from the Florencian medical field

Behind them were numerous medical celebrities, distinguished guests, affluent families and their children, and many others

At that moment, all one hundred thousand seats were already occupied, and the hall was buzzing with voices. Some were discussing enthusiastically, some were laughing, and some were whispering

It was a lively scene


Just then, countless lights lit up, and the entire grand hall was illuminated as bright as day in the blink of an eye

A figure appeared on the central stage

The person was dignified and stood with his head held high. He was the President of the Medical Society 

in the capital, Angus Cline

He cleared his throat, smiled, and began his speech

Esteemed leaders of the Medical Society Headquarters, seniors of the Florencian medical field, all participating doctors, and supporters and enthusiasts of the medical field… 

I, Angus Cline, welcome all of you on behalf of the Florence Medical Society!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, the audience erupted into applause. It was like the sound of thunder, reverberating and neverending, echoing in everyone’s ears

After a long time, the applause gradually subsided

The hall fell into silence, and countless eyes were fixed on him

Angus scanned the surroundings and continued, Now, I would like to invite the committee head of the Medical Society, Claude Martin, to deliver a speech!” 

Amidst the brilliant light, a slender figure gracefully walked onto the stage. It was none other than Claude 


Thunderous applause sounded again, lasting for a full minute

On this cool and pleasant autumn day, I am fortunate to be here with all the medical field enthusiasts in Florence to participate in this grand event. It is truly a great honor” 

After a long and uninformative speech, Claude finally said loudly, I hereby announce the official start of the Grand Medicinal Competition!” 

Then, he nodded downward and returned to his seat

Angus continued, Everyone, next up are the winners of the first round of the competition. Please come on stage when I announce your names.


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