The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 620


Chapter 620 

Coming in first in the popularity rankingthe Wolf King

The Wolf King

The entire venue fell silent as soon as those words were spoken

The Wolf Kingthe backbone of Florence, the uncrowned king of the western borderrisked his life, made great contributions, and made the western border of Florence impenetrable. With his own strength, he suppressed other extraordinary figures of his time

He was unparalleled in both medicine and combat, and his skill with his acupuncture technique was unfathomable, inherited from Hades, Old Hagstorm…. 

He had already left them forever

However, his myth and legendary story was eternal like the sun in the sky and the dazzling stars

The silence of everyone present was the best tribute to the Wolf King


At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared on the stage, sitting at the spot that belonged to the Wolf King. The person had a medium build, an unremarkable figure, and a delicate wolf mask on his face

It was Andrius

What was going on

The audience looked at each other and started discussing. Isn’t the Wolf Kingdead?” 

The emperor even constructed a memorial for him so we can remember him.” 

There’s no doubt that the Wolf King is dead. That can’t be him!” 

Yes, that must be an imposter.” 

Damn it, how dare that little brat impersonate the Wolf King! Does he think my title is just for show? Here I come!” 

That idiot actually wants to cause trouble using the Wolf King’s name. No, I’m going to make him regret 


The audience reached a unanimous conclusion: that person was not the Wolf King and was just seeking 


The Wolf King was the unwavering belief of countless people. He was the greatest brilliance of Florence

He could not be slandered or trampled upon

Thus, after realizing this, the people began to clamor 

Get down immediately, you little brat!” 

The Wolf King’s name can’t be tarnished. You’re making an enemy out of all of us!” 

You wretch, get down from the Wolf King’s seat, or I’ll make you regret it!” 

Kid, the Wolf King’s seat isn’t something anyone can sit in. Hurry up and get down!” 

Get down, get down!” 

The crowd shouted and cursed loudly

Andrius naturally ignored them, and so did Angus

He looked at the list and continued, Next, the secondranked individual in the popularity poll, from New Moon CorporationLuna Crestfall!” 



At Anguswords, the audience immediately erupted into boos. Then, their disdainful, contemptuous, and mocking gazes fell on Luna, who had just stood up

Luna’s face was so red it seemed she was about to bleed

However, in order not to let down her efforts and the Wolf King, she took a deep breath and slowly walked toward the stage

She actually still has the guts to go up?” 

Tsk, if it were me, I’d have dug a hole in the ground out of embarrassment!” 

Hehe, if she can endure all this, she must be capable of great things.” 

I have to say, she looks better than in her photos!” 

Oh, please, think before you speak.” 

With a red face, Luna came to the stage and took the spot that belonged to her

However, when she reached her seat, she glanced at the Wolf Kingbeside her. That figure seemed familiar.


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