The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 621


Chapter 621 

This Grand Medicinal Competition is ridiculous!” 

Exactly! It’s like wiping *ss with gauze. Your whole hand will be stained!” 

It’s absurd!” 

Exactly. These guys are the first and secondranked on the popularity poll? Give me a break! I’d rather go 

to class or work!” 


Hearing those words, Luna’s heart which had calmed down was once again filled with shame. Her delicate brows were furrowed deeply

On the other hand, Andrius was resting with his eyes closed and maintained a calm and indifferent appearance. It was quite admirable

Angus continued to introduce, Coming in third place of the popularity ranking, Preston Harmon

Fourth place, Ruben Serrano

Fifth place” 

With each name Angus called out, a doctor walked up on stage, accompanied by cheers and shouts from their fans. The atmosphere gradually returned to normal

Coming up next” 

Once the top hundred in the popularity ranking list had taken the stage, Angus began introducing the top- ranked doctors from the previous Grand Medicinal Competition. The fistranked on the previous Earthly Ranking, Denis Odom!” 


My idol is finally on stage!” 

Denis OdomHe almost made it to the Heavenly Ranking!” 

He’s here, he’s here! The real miracle doctors have arrived!” 

At least, they’re not clowns this time.” 

The whole venue erupted with enthusiasm when Denis went on stage

Next up, second on the Earth Ranking, Zachery Ramsey from Gerland!” 

As soon as that name was spoken, the atmosphere below the stage turned strangely silent

Gerlandians had always been arrogant. They proclaimed to be the number one nation in the universe and claimed that everything in the world originated from Gerland. Even if it was just poop that looked peculiar, they would say that it was from Gerland

Even the dogs of Florence would shake their heads, let alone the Florencians

Listen up, you Florencian dogs!Zachery swaggered onto the stage, raised his nose arrogantly, and pointed to himself with his thumb. I will be the champion of this Grand Medicinal Competition! I’ll show you pigs what real medical skills are!


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