The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 622


The medical practices you worship are just a branch of Gerlandian medicine. It’s something that not even dogs will care about!” 

His words triggered an uproar. The freezing atmosphere instantly exploded

Motherf*cker! I’m going to teach that damned Gerlandian a lesson!” 

Damn it, how dare you come to Florence and make a ruckus?” 

I’m going to bash your head in!” 

How dare someone like you dare to spew words like that here? Who do you think you are?” 

There must be a few screws loose in that brain!” 

Even Andrius, who was always calm, was irritated by Zachary. His brows furrowed tightly

Luna also scowled, and the word disgustwas written all over her face

Thus, the second round of the Grand Medicinal Competition began amidst the angry curses toward Zachery

After all the doctors went on stage, Angus raised his voice and announced, The second round of the competition begins now! Here are the rules

When the competition starts, each participant will receive a basket containing a hundred different medicinal herbs

Participants will earn one point for each herb they identify correctly. No points will be awarded or deducted if they identify it incorrectly or fail to identify it

The time limit is ten minutes. Within these ten minutes, the 20 participants with the highest scores will proceed to the next round

In the case of a tie, the participant with fewer identification errors will rank higher. If the number of errors is the same, then the one who spends less time will rank higher!” 

When the round begins, all tools, whispering, communication with people through gestures such as coughing or hand signals, and any form of cheating are strictly forbidden

Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified!” 

They will be 

The rules were reasonable, so none of the participating doctors had any objections

Just as Angus was about to declare the start, a voice rang out, What a ridiculous competition. You’re underestimating us! I have something to say: increase the difficulty. You need to increase the difficulty!The person who spoke had an arrogant face and flaring nostrils

It was Zachery

His words immediately attracted everyone’s attention and gaze. They were all wondering what he was planning

Angus had a headache

Most people like Zachery had something loose in their heads. He wondered if they ate something wrong for their behavior to be so different from that of Florencians. However, he had to stand up in the current 


Mr. Ramsey…Angus frowned slightly and said in a low voice, What do you have to say about this round of the competition, or how do you want to increase the difficulty?” 

Zachery grinned arrogantly and showed off by saying, I have a suggestion to make this round more interesting. It’ll easily distinguish Gerlandians like me who have superior brains over everyone else!” 

The crowd erupted again at his words

How dare you come to Florence and act like that?” 

I say, is your superior brain filled with superior excrement?” 

I already told you that Gerlandians are whack in the head.” 

Suggestion, my *ss! I suggest you stop suggesting!” 

The dignitaries present did not object to increasing the difficulty. They were just annoyed by how Zachary was acting so arrogantly

Angus suppressed the urge to give him a punch and asked, Go on, Mr. Ramsey. What is your suggestion?” 

Zachery declared loudly, My suggestion is to make a slight change to this round of the competition

We’ll separate the hundred medicinal herbs and place them in a ten by ten grid, with each herb marked in its position. Participants can freely observe and smell the herbs but cannot touch them or leave any 


What’s next is the important part.” 

Zachery said arrogantly, Next, we’ll bring out another box containing the hundred herbs from earlier, and an additional hundred herbs mixed randomly. That means there will be a total of 200 herbs in the box

Participants must pick a hundred herbs from the second box and place them in their corresponding grids. They’ll get one point for correctly placing and identifying the herbs, and no points will be given for wrong placements, incorrect identification, or leaving squares empty

The time for this round will be extended to half an hour, and the final ranking will be based on the scores.” 

Zachery’s rules did not sound complicated

The only added difficulty was that the doctors not only had to identify the herbs but also memorize their corresponding positions without making any mistakes

Otherwise, even if they identified the herbs correctly, they would still not get any points if they placed 

them in the wrong squares

Even though Zachery was wild, his idea was very bold and original

“It seems he came prepared.” 

He must have practiced by himself for a long time. He deliberately came here to challenge the doctors in Florence.” 

I wonder if our doctors can defeat him.” 

They will! We have numerous talents in Florence. We’re sure to outshine this arrogant man!” 

We can’t say for sure” 

While the dignitaries were discussing quietly, Andrius remained indifferent

The strongest mind…. 

He was able to memorize a ten by ten by ten cube easily, let alone a ten by ten grid. This challenge was child’s play compared to the codes he encountered when he was leading the Lycantroops

What do you think?Zachery overheard the discussions and looked at Angus arrogantly. Are your so- 

called miracle doctors of Florence scared

If you’re scared, that’s fine. As long as you admit that the doctors in Gerland are the best and that the 

medicine in Florence is useless, I won’t embarrass you too much.” 

After all, it’s indisputable that Gerlandians are the most superior people in the world! Hahahaha!Zachery flashed his iconic smile again.


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