The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 623


Chapter 623 

Angusexpression was cold as he said, The rules of the Grand Medicinal Competition have already been set and cannot be changed just because you said so. I need to consult the organizing committee.” 

Zachery scoffed. Go ahead, but do it quickly, and don’t drag it out.” 

He looked as if he had already won

Angus snorted and reported the situation to the organizing committee, the jury, Claude, and the others to get their opinions

Claude looked at Zachery and scoffed. He must have been prepared, but I believe that the doctors of Florence won’t lose to such an uncivilized barbarian. In my opinion, we can have the participants vote on whether to change the rules. What do you all think?” 

The other members nodded in agreement

Alright.Angus returned to the main stage and looked at the participants, saying, We will let the participants vote on whether to change the rules of the second round

Now, those in favor of changing the rules and conducting the second round as Mr. Ramsey proposed, please raise your hands.” 

As soon as he spoke, every doctor raised their hand in an instant. There was no hesitation. They were all eager to defeat Zachery

Good!Angus nodded approvingly. In that case, the second round will proceed according to Mr. Ramsey’s suggestion. If any participants have questions about the rules, please raise your hand now.” 

No one raised their hand

Thus, the staff quickly prepared everything for the second round

At Anguscommand, the competition officially began

Half an hour… 

It would take a longer time than expected

The participants were completely focused on the challenging process, but the audience below seemed rather bored

Thus, Angus selected a few doctors to commentate on to keep the audience entertained

Let’s take a look at Jan Bartley. He’s renowned as the number one doctor in the West and excels in a branch of medicine different from what we have here. He has a deep knowledge of cultivating and extracting herbs

His identification speed is impressive. He takes barely ten seconds to pick out a herb from the 200 selections, already distinguishing whether it’s one of the original one hundred herbs

Now, we can see Jan placing the herbs he picked in Square 5-4 without hesitation! This shows how confident he is.” 

Since the participants were separated by screens, the commentary did not interfere with the competition

Every compartment had cameras recording every detail, ensuring the fairness of the competition


Just then, there was the chime of a bell

Time’s up!Angus announced, Those who haven’t finished their selections, please stop immediately or you’ll be disqualified.” 

The doctors immediately stopped and came out of their compartments




Angus had not even gotten the participantsscores yet, let alone announce the results, but when Zachery stepped out of his compartment, the supporters from Gerland erupted in applause. It was quite abrupt 

and thunderous

Angus frowned slightly and asked, Dear guests from Gerland, is something going on?” 

The Gerlandians raised their voices

Of course, there is! Zachery won first place. Shouldn’t we celebrate?


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