The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 624


Chapter 624 

Zachery prepared for this competition for two and a half years. It’s only natural for him to get first place.” 

Exactly. Is there any problem with us celebrating?” 

Their words of arrogance annoyed the Florencians

What are you dogs yapping about?” 

Two and a half years of practice? Do you think this is an idol trainee camp? This is the Grand Medicinal Competition!” 

The results haven’t even been announced, yet you’re already celebrating as if you’ve won. Not even a hundred Gerlandians will be able to compare to one of us, so shut your mouths!” 

How dare you claim that you’re better than Florence’s doctors? If he manages to get first place, I’ll change my name!” 

Me too!” 

The emotions in the crowd were uncontrollable

Everyone started cursing, and the atmosphere became heated. They wanted to rush up and give those arrogant fools a beating and teach them a lesson

Andrius stood up calmly and manipulated his vocal cords to change his voice, Host, please have the staff calculate the scores quickly and announce the results.” 

Andrius was confident in his ability to win the championship. As the Wolf King, if he could not win a challenge like this, he might as well cut off his own head and send it to the enemy

As soon as he spoke, the head of the scoring team came over with the results

After taking a look at the results, Angus smiled and said, Now, I will announce the top three results of this round.” 

Here it came

The audience immediately quietened down

Only the Gerlandians still wore arrogant smiles on their faces

For the 11th to 50th places, we have Tiana Wolf, Ned Calderon… 

Next, in tenth place, we have May Daniels

In ninth place, Taylor Peck!” 

Angus was announcing the names, but the Gerlandians could not take it anymore

What’s the point of reading the names of these trash? Hurry up and announce who’s first place!” 

That’s right. Hurry up and announce Zachery’s name!” 

Damn it, I’ve never seen such a shameless host. He’s ignoring the first place just to waste time on those useless people.” 

Are Florencians just a bunch of sore losers?” 

The Florencians were not cowed in the face of this situation

However, before they could speak, Angus sneered, In that case, I’ll announce the top three of this round 


In third place, Denzel Crawford. In second place… 

Angus deliberately paused, and the audience below fell silent

Zachery Ramsey from Gerland

The first place goes to the Wolf King” 

As soon as he spoke, the crowd erupted in excitement 

That’s awesome!” 

Okay, I admit that I spoke too soon

Whether or not he’s pretending to be the Wolf King, as long as he can outshine that Gerlandian, I’ll give him a thumbsup” 

I knew that I wouldn’t have to change my name!” 

He’s so cool! I’ll let him sit in the Wolf King’s seat for now, and I won’t argue with him!” 

As they said, winning first place not only brought glory to Florence but also saved the Wolf King’s honor 

As for the Gerlandians, they were all fuming. They stood up and started questioning

Impossible That’s impossible! How could Zachery be in second place? I won’t accept this” 

Damn it, he must have cheated Otherwise, how could Zachery, who has been practicing for two and a half years, lose to that kid?” 

It’s a conspiracy!


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