The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 625


Chapter 625 

This was the vile nature of the Gerlandians 

No matter what competition or sport it was, they were used to cheating and thought that everyone was the same as them. They were extremely sore losers 

I’m going to split my sides laughing. Do you think that we Florencians can’t handle you? We don’t need to cheat Just admit that you lost!” 

You’re just a bunch of idiots. Do you really think you’re invincible?” 

I won’t even bother with you idiots.” 

You’re all brainless!” 

The Florencians immediately drowned out the Gerlandiansvoices, mocking them happily 

I don’t accept this!Zachery rushed up to Angus. “I clearly got everything correct How did I lose to that 


Angus smiled and said, “Sorry, Mr. Ramsey. You indeed got all the herbs correct, but so did the Wolf King However, he did it faster than you.” 

Those words infuriated Zachery, causing his blood pressure to skyrocket. I don’t believe it, unless


Before he could finish, Angus smiled and turned on the projector, projecting the live recording of both of them on the large screen

The process was clear

The Wolf Kingonly glanced at the hundred medicinal herbs on the table and closed his eyes. Then, he selected the herbs from the 200 options and accurately placed them in the corresponding slot

The entire process was smooth and without hesitation, taking only three minutes

As for Zachery, although he also got everything night, it took him a full 27 minutes

It was clear who the winner was

Damn, that socalled strongest brain is nothing at all!” 

That’s really amazing!” 

He was all talk, but he’s nothing much!” 

Hahaha, don’t you already know that’s how Gerlandians are? The only thing they’re good at is browing their own trumpet” 

What a shame When they meet someone who’s truly excelent, they’ll just get slapped in the face?” 

The countless mocking remarks were like konies piercing Zachery’s heart. They on the resounding slaps fiercely hitting his face 

Zachery’s face turned pale and then red burning in shame 

The group of Gerlandians angrily left the scene 

When they got to the main entrance. Zachery turned back and said with a reer. Don’t get too cocity sat because you won this time, you pigs!” 

Next round, I’ll show you that Gerlandian medicine is the forefather and the origin of Florencian medicine! Your Florencian medicine is just rubbish that not even our threeyearold children will bother 


Then, Zachery left with his people

With the results announced, the second round of the competition came to an end

On the main stage, Angus smiled and said, Everyone, the third round of the competition will continue tomorrow. The organizers have already prepared a feast and various exquisite snacks and desserts for you to enjoy in the cafeteria!” 

At noon, everyone was discussing the Wolf Kingin the cafeteria

It seems this bogus Wolf King is pretty formidable!” 

He’s not just strong. He’s unbelievably powerful! I think he has a good chance of winning the championship!” 

It’s hard to say. His ability to identify herbs and his memory only prove that he has great talent, but it doesn’t confirm that his medical skills are excellent.” 

No matter what, he’s definitely not weak.” 

He deserves to be worshiped just by what he showed today.” 

Andriusperformance was too dazzling

As a result, there were very few people left who still mocked him for impersonating the Wolf King. Most were looking forward to his performance in the next round

As for Luna, who ranked second in the popularity poll…. 

Although she also made it through the second round, no one talked about her anymore

Luna was surrounded by members of the Crestfalls and the Conerys, who were celebrating her easy qualification into the third round

Great job, Luna. You made it to the third round!” 

Luna, don’t worry about anything else and just focus on preparing for the third round. We’ll take care of everything else for you!


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