The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 627


Chapter 627 

A terrible poison

Andrius was not afraid of that

Over the years, he had been through lifeanddeath situations and encountered all sorts of traps and 


However, Luna…. 

She had just entered this field, so making her participate in testing out poisons was a bit difficult for her

If she died, he would not be able to explain it to Belarus

Andrius sighed

It seemed like the third round of the competition tomorrow would be challenging

He not only had to test the poison but also ensure Luna’s safety while keeping his true identity hidden from everyone

What a hard life

Zachery always thought highly of himself and refused to stay at the accommodation provided by the organizers. Thus, he booked an entire floor of a fivestar hotel for his group

Damn itThat f*cker was actually faster than me! How can a stupid pig like him be faster than me?!” 


Zachery cussed while smashing everything in the hotel room. The place became a mess in just a few minutes. However, he was still furious and continued to kick the fallen chair

Dr. Ramsey” 

After he took out his anger, a subordinate came up and whispered, Actually, I have a way to help you secure the first place.” 

First place

The temptation was irresistible

Zachery’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately yelled, What is it?” 

Your main opponent in the Grand Medicinal Competition is that bogus Wolf King. The others aren’t worth worrying about. As long as we kill him, the rest of the competition will be smooth sailing for you! The championship will be yours

Besides, he’s just an imposter. Even if he’s discovered later, you’d have won the championship by that time, and no one will dare to do anything to you!” 

Zachery became very interested after hearing about the plan

That was right! If the problem could not be dealt with, then they would deal with the person who caused the problem

If that fake Wolf King died, the rest of the competitors would be easily crushed like bugs

It’s settled!Zachery grinned, murderous intent flashing across his face. That fake Wolf King challenging 

me is the same as him challenging Gerland. We’ll just kill him directly!” 

As long as they achieved their goal, killing someone was nothing to them


The subordinate immediately began contacting the assassins who had come with them from their nation and started to plan

Night gradually deepened, and the moonlight was dim. Occasionally, the cold wind blew, bringing along gloomy clouds

A masked assassin approached Andriusroom and sprayed several canisters of sleeping gas inside through the gaps of the door and windows

The assassin counted the seconds, then kicked open the door and rushed in boldly




He stabbed the bed ruthlessly several times


The assassins suddenly frowned and lifted the bed sheet. Unlike what he imagined, there was no blood flowing like a river or Andrius stabbed to death

It was empty

Oh, crap!” 

The assassin paled and immediately turned around to escape

However, at some point in time, Andrius had already appeared behind him. His expression was straight as he looked at the assassin with a vague smile

Since you’ve found me, then go to hell!A cold light flashed in the masked assassin’s eyes, and he attacked boldly


The cold reflection of the blade swung in an arc in midair and appeared in front of the fake Wolf King’s throat in the blink of an eye!


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