The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 628


Chapter 628 

He was going after the throat

Andrius pursed his lips lightly when he felt the chilly aura from above

With a light flick of his hand, the dagger was flicked away with a crisp sound and landed on the ground with a metallic clang

Then, he grabbed the assassin’s wrist before the latter could react


A crisp sound followed, and the assassin’s wrist was snapped

With another grab and push, a surge of force rushed forward, sending the assassin back several steps. He crashed heavily into the wall and spewed a mouthful of blood


The assassin knew he was no match for Andrius and immediately, jumped out of a window. With a few leaps, he gradually disappeared from sight

Heh,.. Trying to run? Not that easy!Andrius snorted coldly and gave chase

Soon, they left the urban area and arrived at a cliff

The assassin suddenly stopped and turned to look at Andrius, smirking sinisterly. You fell into a trap, fake Wolf King! This is where you meet your end!” 

Then, he clapped his hands




A series of sounds came from behind

Andrius looked over and saw around 20 to 30 assassins

He grinned and said, Really? Do you really think a bunch of Gerlandian idiots like you can kill me?” 

The Gerlandians were furious at the insult


Get him!” 

You’re seeking death!” 

Go to hell” 

The assassins roared and rushed toward him recklessly

Andrius rolled his eyes

These assassins could not even control their tempers. They were just rubbish

With that thought, he did not hesitate to make his move

In the blink of an eye, he grabbed the collars of two assassins who charged at him and slammed them together. Their heads caved in, and they died on the spot

Chap: 626 

The remaining ones either fell flat with a punch or were kicked away

Andrius dealt with half of them in less than ten seconds


At that moment, a scream sounded

At some point, a girl appeared and let out a frightened shriek when she saw the battle




The assassins were stunned but immediately rushed toward the girl, intending to use her as a hostage to 

threaten Andrius

Die!Andrius snorted coldly and immediately swung both hands

Flashes of silver lights streaked in the air, accurately piercing every assassin’s body


However, before the last assassin died, he pulled out a pistol from his pocket and fired at the girl without hesitation

Although Andriussilver needles were fast enough to deflect the bullet, it hit the ground a foot away from the girl


The girl was frightened and instinctively stepped back. The next second, she slipped and fell off the cliff


Andrius swiftly shot to the edge of the cliff and jumped down with the girl

He had to save her!


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