The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 629


Chapter 629 

In the distance, an assassin, who had been watching in the shadows, witnessed this scene and could not help but freeze. He did not understand and was greatly shocked

Then, he slowly walked to the edge of the cliff

However, before he could get close to the edge, he withdrew because of the chilly wind

He’s dead. He must be dead.” 

The assassin sneered and turned away


The bonepiercing cold wind was like knives against Andriusface, stinging him badly

However, this wind was nothing compared to what he had experienced on the western border. It was not enough to make him retreat

Ssave meThe girl had lost all her composure and instinctively called Andrius for help

Stay calm and don’t panic! Grab onto my hand tightly, quick!” 

Andrius took advantage of the downward momentum and swiftly grabbed the girl’s outstretched arm, pulling her toward him


The wind kept blowing, and the girl was freezing. Half of it was due to fear, and the other half was from 

the wind

As they continued to fall, Andrius held the girl with one hand and grabbed the side of the cliff with the 



The speed of their fall gradually slowed down

However, it came at a cost. Andriushand which was tough as steel was now covered in blood


The girl trembled when she saw the blood and squirmed in Andriusarms

Andrius was speechless and held onto her tightly. Otherwise, they would fall to their deaths

Stop moving! I’ll shift the weight!” 

His yell made the girl freeze, and then he continued to use his hand to slow down their fall

The two of them kept dropping, but it was at a controlled speed. However, Andriushand was completely mangled, covered in blood from the cliff

The girl took a glance and did not dare to open her eyes again

Finally, Andrius saw the bottom


The moment they landed, he twisted his body so that the girl was on top of him, and he braced himself to 

cushion the impact


The next moment, they slammed heavily onto the ground


Andrius spat out a mouthful of blood

The cliff was too high. Despite his efforts to slow down and cushion the impact, he was still injured

As for the girl, she landed on top of Andrius with her mouth on his face. However, she was completely frozen with fear, so she continued to cling to Andrius. Her alluring lips were also still pressed on his face

Andrius felt two large mounds pressing on him

UhHe pushed her away and sat up with difficulty. You can get up now.” 

Huh? Oh” 

The girl mechanically climbed up from Andriusbody. It was clear that she was still in shock. Her pupils were still dilated

When Andrius got up and started to check his own injuries, the girl gradually calmed down


She took a deep breath, her chest heaving as she rode the adrenaline and joy of surviving a disaster. Her heart gradually calmed down

Then, she said sincerely, Thank you. Thank you for saving me!” 


Andrius almost spat out blood again

Was he really that old

Was he at an age where he looked like a mister

Mister, you don’t look too goodThe girl’s clear eyes flickered with deep concern for Andrius

Well, surviving a fall from that height was already a stroke of luck. How could he still look good

Andrius ignored her and focused on tending to his injuries. The girl asked, Mister, I’m Emmy Gaines. What’s your name?”


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