The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 630


Chapter 630 

Andrius ignored her

The girl continued to say, Mister, you’re amazing. We fell from such a high place, and yet we’re still… 

Mister, are you one of those legendary martial experts who can walk on water and fly


Andrius could not stand it and asked, It’s the middle of the night. What are you doing out here in the wilderness instead of sleeping at home?” 

IEmmy’s eyes flickered for a moment, then she giggled, Mister, I thought you became mute from the fall, but you can still speak!” 

Andrius was speechless. He finished tending to his wounds and simply turned around and walked away

Hey, Mister! Are you that petty? Wait for me

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you! I was just bored at home, so I came out for a walk!” 

Emmy chased after Andrius, her small mouth chattering nonstop

Andrius felt like his ears were about to fall off, and he could not help but quicken his pace

Hey! Mister, don’t walk so fast. I can’t keep up

Mister, wait for me! You haven’t told me your name. How am I supposed to repay you for saving my life

Mister, don’t do this. I’m scared… 


As Andrius walked ahead, the voice behind him became smaller

Then, with a cry, Emmy suddenly fell silent

Andrius paused and subconsciously turned around

Emmy had twisted her foot and was squatting on the ground, rubbing it

MisterEmmy saw Andrius turn back and said with a sob, I twisted my foot. You’re a good person, so 

you won’t leave me here, right

You wouldn’t want to leave a little girl like me here, right

Mister, you have to help me” 

Damn it

Andrius could not resist her soft pleading and could only turn back


Emmy pursed her small, attractive mouth and extended her ankle to Andrius. A part of her fair and slender ankle was red and swollen. It was obviously injured

Andrius rubbed it for her


Emmy could not help but cry out. Then, she found the sound inappropriate, and her pretty face instantly blushed

Alright, get up and walk!” 

Andrius was just about to leave again

Unexpectedly, Emmy was prepared this time and held onto his arm

Mister, my foot still hurts a lot. Can you carry me?Her clear eyes were still misty as she looked at Andrius pitifully

Come on.” 

Andrius was defeated by her and crouched down to carry her

This little girl seemed to be pampered and had never experienced any hardships. If he left her alone in the wilderness, she might get eaten by wild beasts

Thus, he decided to help her all the way

HeheEmmy lay on Andriusback, hugging his neck, and said sweetly, You’re so kind, Mister!” 

I’m not kind at all!Andrius snapped, According to the plan, I should be sleeping soundly in bed right now, but” 

He did not continue

Emmy did not mind and smiled. Mister, don’t you think it’s fate for us to meet in the wilderness? Meeting you is my destiny!” 

Emmy’s thought process was quite unique

Andrius was speechless. Meeting you was my misfortune. Alright, stop talking. I’m going to speed up.” 

Then, without waiting for her reaction, he carried her on his back and ran

They were still quite far away from the urban area. If they continued to dawdle, they might not make it back even after dawn

Ah! Mister, slow downMister, I’m tired. Can you slow down? Ah” 

Emmy was frightened. The cold mountain air at night made her feel short of breath, and she clung to Andriusneck

Coincidentally, she panted heavily into his ear

This was undoubtedly a great challenge to Andrius.


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