The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 631


Chapter 631 

Fortunately, Andrius was focused on returning as soon as possible. He ran with all his strength and did not encounter any problems

After more than two hours of traveling, they finally returned to the city area

However, it was almost dawn

Okay, you can get down and return on your own now.” 

Andrius put Emmy down and did not bother with her anymore. He turned to leave without looking back


Emmy stretched her numb arms out and saw that Andrius was almost out of sight. She hurriedly caught up with him

You can’t leave, Mister! You haven’t told me your name yet. How am I supposed to repay you?” 

Andrius thought, Repay? I’d be happy if you don’t try to get revenge

He waved his hand and said in exasperation, No need.” 

That won’t do! At the very least, you have to tell me your name and phone number! Don’t worry, Mister!! won’t bother you all the time!” 

Andrius walked faster

Emmy harrumphed and decisively ran in front of Andrius, blocking his way. Mister, you can’t go!” 


Andrius could not be bothered to argue with her and threw several silver needles at her


Emmy felt several cold sensations entering her body, and she could not move at all. Only her eyeballs and mouth could shift slightly

Mister, what did you do to me?Emmy was so frightened that she almost cried. She shouted, Mister, did you pierce me with something? Take them out quickly. I’m scared” 

Take them out? That was just causing trouble for himself. Andrius did not bother with this troublesome girl anymore

You’ll regain your mobility after three minutes.” 

He left after saying that

Three minutes soon passed

Hmph! I’m so angry!Emmy looked in the direction Andrius left and stomped her foot in anger. You can’t run, Mister! I’ll catch you one day!” 

At the same time, in a hotel, a group of assassins responsible for surveillance reported to Zachery, Mr. Ramsey, the fake Wolf King jumped off the cliff. We saw it with our own eyes.” 

He jumped off the cliff?Zachery was instantly overjoyed upon hearing the news. Hahaha! He really is just a stupid pig! It’s good that he’s dead. Now, the championship will be mine

The other socalled famous doctors aren’t worth fearing at all. I’ll crush their arrogance tomorrow and show them the might of our great Gerland!” 

The next day, the third round of the Grand Medicinal Competition proceeded as scheduled

On the stage, Angus said loudly, Ladies and gentlemen, next, we have the third round of the Grand Medicinal Competition. First, please welcome the topranked participants from the previous Grand Medicinal Competition.” 

As soon as he spoke, the crowd instantly erupted in applause

After the applause died down, Angus continued, Due to some reasons, the topranked in the Heavenly Ranking, Dr. Hagstorm, will not be participating. Hence, we will start with the second position

In second place in the Heavenly Ranking is Dr. Fergus Bond! He is a master in acupuncture, medicine, and poison. His medical skills are unparalleled and miraculous

Third place in the Heavenly Ranking, Frederic Hopkins! He is a witch doctor who is skilled in communicating with the supernatural, as well as healing and curing. He often uses mystical techniques to treat people and possesses unfathomable power

Fourth place in the Heavenly Ranking, the Insect Doctor, Patrick Mendez! He excels in both medicine and using insects to treat diseases, plowing a unique path that is different from tradition. He is also a Grandmaster

Fifth place in the Heavenly Ranking, Elmer Deleon. He excels in acupuncture, and it’s rumored that his technique is unparalleled. With a single needle, he can subdue sickness and disease alike. He is truly deserving of his title, the Divine Needle Doctor

Sixth place on the Heavenly Ranking” 

With each introduction by Angus, thunderous applause followed

These individuals were all pillars in the Florencian medical field, not only possessing extraordinary medical skills but also having reputations that were unparalleled. No one dared to underestimate them

Soon, the introductions for the Heavenly Ranking participants were completed

Nine doctors appeared on the stage. Some were whitehaired, some still had rosy faces, and some looked vibrant and sharp. It was an imposing scene

Angus continued, Next up, let’s welcome the qualifying participants of the second round of the Grand Medicinal Competition.”


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