The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 632


Chapter 632 

Next up” 

Angusintroductions to the lowerranked participants were not very detailed

After all, the gap in their medical skills was quite significant, and their chances of winning the championship were slim, so introducing them would only be a waste of time

Next, let’s welcome the fifthranked participant, Dr. Willard Atkins. He is skilled in acupuncture and once held the record for the world’s fastest needle user, making him a rare talent

In fourth place, we have the Eccentric Doctor, Eric Doherty. He has an unwritten rule when treating patients: he only treats men on odd number dates and women on even number dates, hence the titleEccentric Doctor. However, his medical skills are exceptional and undeniable.” 

In third place is the Sage Doctor, Denzel Crawford. He excels in refining pills and is wellknown among the people. Many people believe that his pills have the effects of immortality, earning him his title

In second place is Dr. Zachery Ramsey from Gerland. He is known as one of the top three doctors in Gerland, but not much else is known about him.” 


A flush appeared on Angusface, and he said excitedly, The firstplace winner from yesterday’s second round is the Wolf King! The Wolf King’s medical skills are known far and wide. Yesterday, he displayed an unforeseen performance, crushing Zachery Ramsey. His outstanding brilliance was witnessed by all.” 

After saying that, Angus put the name list away and sighed in relief

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

The audience already started cheering loudly

Only Zachery and the others did not look happy. However, they already knew that the Wolf King would not be coming today. Thus, while they seemed gloomy on the surface, their eyes were filled with a sinister and smug light

The cheers from the crowd did not stop

However, even after ten seconds… 

The Wolf King did not show up

Everyone looked at each other, wondering what was going on

When they were confused, Zachery slowly stood up and mocked, Oh, your socalled Wolf King is useless! As soon as he heard about the reputation of Gerlandian doctors, he probably pissed himself in fright and doesn’t dare to come to the competition. Hahaha” 

He was incredibly arrogant

The audience below was furious

Who let this dog off its leash? It’s barking at people again!” 

What are you so smug about, Gerlandian? Did you forget how you lost yesterday?” 

Did you eat too much shit? Why are you talking crap so early in the morning? Please go back and brush your teeth!” 

Your people are all brainless!” 


A fierce light flashed in Zachery at the insults, and he snorted coldly. Host, that socalled Wolf King isn’t coming today. Are you going to make us wait forever? That’s not appropriate, is it? Time waits for no one. Announce the start of the competition!” 

Angusexpression was very unpleasant. He never expected the Wolf King to be a noshow

He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, Well, we have never had a rule regarding tardiness before, so let’s wait for a while!” 

He could only try his best to buy time for Andrius

Zachery sneered. Wait? But we can’t wait forever! Three minutes, at most.” 


Angus had no choice but to agree, We’ll wait for another three minutes. If he doesn’t show up by then” 

He wanted to say, ‘We’ll wait another three minutes‘. 

Unfortunately, that was unrealistic

The Florencians fell silent. They all craned their necks and looked around, awaiting the Wolf King’s return

After all, the skills the Wolf King displayed yesterday completely conquered them and earned their genuine admiration

Soon, three minutes passed

The entrance of the venue was still empty

Okay, announce the start of the competition,Zachery urged impatiently while sneering in his heart

The Wolf Kingwas already dead. He would not come even if they waited for 300 years

Angus spoke with some difficulty, Then” 


Just then, a figure approached from afar and appeared on the stage in the blink of an eye. It was a familiar figure and mask

The Wolf Kinghad returned


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