The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 633

Chapter 633 

Zachery’s mouth twitched uncontrollably

How could this be possible

The Wolf Kingwas supposed to have jumped off the cliff and died on the spot

How could he appear here

Unlike Zachery’s shock, the Florencians below cheered in excitement

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

They called Andrius the Wolf King not because they believed that he was the real Wolf King, but because his exceptional display of skill yesterday in defeating Zachery earned their recognition

The doctors on stage all looked at Andrius intently when he appeared

The Wolf King’s performance yesterday was simply amazing

They even felt some pressure, so they regarded him as a tough opponent

This was especially true for Patrick the Insect Doctor. He knew that the socalled fake Wolf King was actually the real Wolf King, Andrius Moonshade. Furthermore, Andrius was the one who had crippled his disciple

Patrick wished that he could see through Andrius

Alright.Angus took a deep breath, and a smile appeared on his face again. Now that all the contestants have arrived, I will announce the rules for the third round of the competition

Firstly, this round is a poisontesting round. If a contestant is not skilled enough and fails to treat themselves in time, it may be lifethreatening

Therefore, all participants must sign a waiver before the official start of the round. If someone dies from poison, it will be due to their own weakness. The organizers of the Grand Medicinal Competition will not be held accountable

If anyone is unwilling to sign the waiver, please step forward now and forfeit your participation.” 

After saying that, Angus looked at all the doctors

Some of the doctors held their heads high, some were full of confidence, and some were disdainful. They had all made preparations before coming, so no one cowered

Angus nodded and continued the announcement

Next, after the competition begins, the staff will distribute identical doses of poison to each participant as well as a thousand different medicinal ingredients, including all the herbs needed to treat the poison

You only need to choose the correct combination of herbs to form an antidote and complete the detoxification to successfully advance to the next round

Of course, all of you present here are elites in the Florencian medical field, and every loss is a great loss to the medical community. Thus, we will do our utmost to ensure everyone’s safety during the 


If anyone realizes that they are incapable of treating themselves, they may choose to press the red button inside the arena, and the organizers will provide them with the antidote

However, pressing the red button also means you voluntarily withdraw from the competition and accept defeat. Please be aware of this.” 

The doctors had no objections since the rules were completely reasonable

Seeing this, Angus continued, Finally, due to the complexity of this round of the competition, the time limit is set at four hours. During this time, you may use tools such as needles and pestles

“The competition will be recorded by surveillance cameras, and participants are not allowed to communicate or cheat with anyone during this process

If discovered, they will be forfeited from the competition and permanently blacklisted from the Florencian medical community

Those are the rules for the third round of the Grand Medicinal Competition. Does anyone have any questions?” 

Angus swept his gaze over all the doctors on the stage

No one had any questions

Angus declared loudly, In that case, I hereby announce that the third round of the Grand Medicinal Competition, the poisontesting round, starts now!” 

As soon as he spoke, ladies wearing uniforms and short skirts went to each doctor, holding a waiver

The doctors signed their names

Then, the ladies distributed sealed, opaque bottles to each doctor which contained the poison for this round of the competition

After that, a thousand different medicinal ingredients were arranged. However, the ingredients were not labeled with names or their effects, which meant that the doctors had to identify them before they could use them

Well, then, participants, please open the bottle and drink the poison. Your time starts now!” 

With Anguswords… 



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