The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 634

Chapter 634 



Various sounds rang on the stage

The doctors opened the bottles using different methods

In an instant, the arena was filled with green poison. It was clear that this poison was extraordinary




After opening the bottles, some doctors observed the color and fragrance, while others directly poured 

the poison into their mouths, using their bodies to give the most honest response

In less than three seconds, various symptoms of poisoning appeared among the doctors

Some turned red, some frothed at the mouth, some turned pale, and some trembled all over. Their 

symptoms varied depending on their individual constitutions

The only common factor was that after experiencing the impact of the poison on their bodies, the doctors began searching among the thousand medical ingredients for the antidote

After Andrius drank the poison, he slowly closed his eyes

Three seconds passed


After three seconds, he suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze flashed with boundless light



He raised his hand, and countless silver needles flew up like maidens scattering petals, floating in the air

It seemed to be without order or method

A second later, the needles reached their highest point, paused briefly, and fell like shooting stars, piercing Andriusbody

The light shimmering was like silver dragons dancing

Thud, thud, thud

In the blink of an eye, the silver needles accurately hit each acupoint on Andriusbody as if they had grown eyes. They all hit their target perfectly without a single mistake

When the last needle fell, it completed the formation

Then, Andrius lightly flicked one of the silver needles with his finger

In an unguided manner, the needles began to rotate and undulate, causing them to shimmer in the light

The audience was treated to an amazing view

Black smoke appeared from the top of Andriushead. He was obviously expelling the toxins from his 


That’sthe Supreme Ultimate Needles!” 

A bigwig in the guest area widened his eyes when he saw what Andrius was doing. Huge waves stirred in his heart

What? Supreme Ultimate Needles?” 

It’s said that the Supreme Ultimate Needles is a legendary technique that uses the force of the world itself and is capable of dispelling all poisons.” 

Tthis isThe medical world of Florence hides many talents!” 

That kid is truly extraordinary.” 

The many doctors on the jury were shocked, and their eyes glimmered in astonishment. They all held their breaths and widened their eyes, wanting to see everything clearly and thoroughly

Even the audience was dumbstruck

Holy crap, what was that?” 

Those needles fell from the sky. That was so cool!” 

Damn, if I could do that, I’d be the king of the nightclub!” 

If I could perform that in front of my graduation supervisor, at least, I’d be able to pass the exam!” 

You’re too narrowminded. If I incorporate this into my thesis and promote it, our institute will upgrade to a specialized training institute!” 

You’re all too shortsighted” 

Voices of amazement continued to echo

Everyone was in admiration of Andriusskills

Quick, look at the Witch Doctor!someone suddenly shouted

Whether it was the guest in the front row seats or the rear, all eyes immediately turned to Frederic.


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