The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 636

Chapter 636 

After seeing their skills, I realize how useless I used to be.” 

It’s not just how useless you used to be. You’re still useless now and even in the future!” 

HahahaIf you keep talking like that, you’ll lose all your friends, young man!” 

It’s not that we’re too lousy. It’s just that they’re too amazing” 

The crowd sighed one after another.. 

The Grand Medicinal Competition which occurred once every 20 years was a grand event for the medical community in Florence. Those who had made it this far were all skilled

By the wayWhat about Zachery?” 

Someone suddenly perked up and asked about the Gerlandian

The audience immediately looked over

When they did, their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets

Various modern medical apparatus such as IV bags, Infusion tubes, and an ECG machine were set up in Zachery’s area

After preparing a solution, he was just about to administer it to himself intravenously

Holy crap, he can do that?” 

Damn, he has truly opened my eyes this time!” 

Oh, come on. Why doesn’t he just bring the entire hospital to the competition instead?” 

He’s such a clown!” 

The audience burst into laughter when they saw the scene. Some were amazed, some were disdainful: and some were speechless. It was like discovering a new continent


Zachery seemed to pick up on the crowd’s discussions and said while receiving the IV fluids, “What do you guys know? According to the rules” 

He pointed to the other doctors nearby and said, Since they can bring silver needles and even a cauldron, what’s wrong with me bringing these instruments? There’s no problem! It’s completely reasonable!” 

He lectured smugly, Besides, I’m showing you the wonders of Gerlandian medicine while combining it with modern equipment. You ignorant fools should just open your eyes wide since I’ll only demonstrate it once!” 

Then, he increased the speed of the IV drip

TskWhat are we supposed to be looking at?” 

Open our eyes wide? Do you want us to watch how you embarrass yourself and seek attention?” 

You only look impressive on the surface, but you’re nothing at all! You might just end up making a fool of yourself later” 

I think you’re just a toad parading yourself as a frog. You’re ugly but you like to show off!” 


The audience burst into laughter

Zachery added some spice to the tense poisontesting competition, like a crowdpleasing clown that made people laugh


Before the audience finished laughing, Zachery suddenly let out a fearful cry

On the large screen, everyone immediately saw that the medicine Zachery administered through the drip was flowing back

As it continued, the backflow carried Zachery’s poisoned blood as well

Meanwhile, Zachery’s expression instantly darkened, and he started frothing at the mouth. His eyes, ears, and nostrils oozed black blood

He was going to die

This sudden scene made the audience overjoyed.


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