The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 637


Chapter 637 


At the critical moment, Zachery pressed the red button


The rescue team was already on standby and immediately rushed forward to save him

First, they fed him a pill, then pinched his acupoints, patted his back, and gave him water to drink… 

After a series of actions, Zachery’s complexion improved significantly

Angus looked at Zachery with a strange gaze and said, Mr. Ramsey, since you pressed the red button and took the antidote, according to the rules, you have voluntarily withdrawn from the competition. Please leave the stage.” 

Huh?Zachery recovered slightly and said disdainfully, When did I press the red button? I only pressed it because my body was out of control due to the poisoning. As for the antidote you mentioned” 

Zachery stimulated his gag reflex and spit out the pill

Then, he tossed the pill on the ground and said contemptuously, Look. I don’t need your antidote at all” 

He had just tasted the antidote and believed he could replicate an identical pill based on the taste, so he was full of confidence


Angus was astonished

Damn it. How could Zachery do such a thing


However, before he could react, Zachery’s body suffered another toxic reaction due to him spitting out the pill, and he fell to the ground again

The rescue team rushed forward to save him


Zachery continued to convulse, and black blood poured out of his orifices. Soon, he stopped breathing. and his heartbeat stopped

He was dead

The hall fell silent

Everyone was shocked by Zachery’s antics, but it did not last long


A few seconds later, someone burst into laughter. Then, everyone else joined in

Haha! Oh, my sides.” 

“He really asked for it!” 

It’s no wonder he said he’d demonstrate only once. It turns out he knew that he would die after the demonstration, haha 

What a courageous man. He actually used his life to show us the most classic example of failure. How admirable!” 

Amidst the laughter were endless taunts and disdain

No one felt sympathetic. After all, Zachery brought it upon himself. If he had not been so arrogant and full of himself, everyone might have shown some sympathy

After all, the Florencians had propriety and would not easily mock othersmisfortune

That was unless they could not resist it

Angus sighed deeply and said in a low voice. On behalf of the organizers of the Grand Medicinal Competition, I express my grief and condolences for Mr Ramsey’s unfortunate incident.” 

Yes, he was in so much grief that there was a tinge of humor in his expression

However, he signed a waiver before the start of the competition, so he is fully responsible for this matter The competition shall continue!” 

Soon, someone came forward, removed Zachery’s body, and cleaned up the scene 

The tension of the competition soon returned to the stage

The audience was still gloating

No, they were discussing with relish

After all, Zachery brought suffering upon himself just to bring entertainment to them

What an admirable man

However, that did not last long either

A clown was just a clown. He was destined to be shortlived and soon forgotten

A few minutes later, everyone’s eyes were on Andrius. Fergus, Elmer, Patrick, and the other outstanding 



The speed of the silver needles rotating on Andriusbody grew faster and faster

Correspondingly, the black aura above his head suddenly became very dense as the needles pushed out 

the toxins

The audience held their breaths

The next second, the black smoke stopped

So did the needles

Then, a series of sounds rang out

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…. 

All the silver needles in Andriusbody were pushed out and shot into the air.


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