The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 638


Chapter 638 

After reaching the highest point, they gracefully descended

Clink, clink, clink… 

They landed on the wooden table in a beautiful pattern

Holy shit” 

He’s awesome!” 

That guy is amazing! Who dares to question him?” 

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

The audience cheered so loudly that the sound pierced the sky

At the same time… 


Denzel finished refining a pill and swallowed it


Patrick’s two insects absorbed all the poison


Elmer retrieved all his silver needles back into his hands

Glug, glug… 

Frederic drank the water mixed with the ashes of his talisman


Fergus used conventional methods to prepare an antidote

They all successfully detoxified themselves

All those doctors finished the process almost at the same time as Andrius

Whoa, that fake Wolf King is incredible. He finished treating himself at the same time as Dr. Bond and the other doctors who made it to the Heavenly Ranking in the last competition.” 

He’s not as good as the real Wolf King, but his skill in medicine should be almost on par with the latter 

Yes, he’s amazing” 

He definitely has a spot in this year’s Heavenly Ranking!” 

Everyone was astonished. Andrius had won them over with his medical skills

The competition continued

Time slowly passed 

A few other participants from the previous competition’s Heavenly Ranking and some topranking participants from this year’s Earthly Ranking managed to detoxify themselves with great difficulty 

The rest who remained wore pained expressions Theu complexions were unpleasant as they were 

almost at their limit

No, I better surrender” 

One doctor pressed the button



After one person surrendered, the doctors that knew they had no hope of detoxifying themselves followed suit. They were reluctant but had no choice but to press the button

Only a few people were left struggling on the stage

Amongst them was Luna. After all, she had just started learning medicine. It was already extraordinary for her to have lasted this long.. 

However, it would be hard if she wanted to continue without external help

She was unwilling to give up

Even the fake Wolf King successfully treated himself

However, she failed even though she had the Wolf King’s medical book… 

Therefore, although she was dizzy, weak, trembling, and her mind was unclear, she gritted her teeth and persevered

Andrius saw her face covered in a black aura as the poison was about to attack her heart

I wonder if she’ll make it.” 

Sigh, it looks tough.” 

Luna still falls a bit short.” 


The Crestfalls and the Conerys were present in the audience. As they watched Luna’s performance, they gradually lost hope. They were all worried when they saw Luna looking worse and worse

That girl is really stubbornAndrius sighed in exasperation. Fine” 


He glanced over, and a silver light shot pierced into Luna’s body from a surveillance blind spot

Luna instantly felt a cold sensation in her body

Then, the toxins were suppressed and could no longer advance. Andriusneedle helped protect her heart


Luna seemed to snap back to reality. Someone was helping her!


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