The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 639


Chapter 639 

Then, she remembered several detoxification acupuncture methods listed in the Wolf King’s medical book

I got it!” 

Luna immediately began to try treating herself using silver needles

However, her technique was average and clumsy compared to the other doctors. She barely managed to detoxify herself after several attempts

Seeing this, Angus announced, Detoxification successful. Ms. Luna Crestfall will advance to the next round!” 

Haha, she did it!” 

From now on, Luna is one of the doctors in the Heavenly Ranking!” 

Hahahaha! The Crestfalls have hope of rising!” 

Hard work always pays off!” 

The Crestfalls and the Conerys were overjoyed upon hearing Angusannouncement and burst into excited laughter

After Luna successfully advanced, only a couple of participants remained

Those doctors tried for a long time but felt that they fell short. In the end, they shook their heads and pressed the red button, preserving their lives

This round of the competition came to an end after the last doctor gave up

Angus held the list and said loudly, I hereby announce the names of the doctors who have successfully advanced to the fourth round. The Wolf King, Elmer Deleon, Fergus Bond, Patrick Mendez, Frederic 


There were less than ten participants in total

The above are the participants in the fourth round of the competition tomorrow. Today’s competition ends here. Participants, please rest and prepare for the most exciting match tomorrow.” 

After saying that, Angus left the stage

Andrius, Elmer, Patrick, and the others also left


Just as Andrius was about to leave, Luna caught up with him

He asked calmly, “Do you need something?” 

Yes.Luna knew that the person who had protected her was the Wolf Kingin front of her Only he could have shot the silver needle from that angle. I need to talk to you. Can you spare some time alone?” 

Lead the way.” 

With permission granted, Luna took Andrius to an empty balcony

Andrius asked calmly, What do you need?” 

Luna did not speak immediately and stared into Andriuseyes. She looked at the Wolf King’seyes and 

her memories came to her

The more she looked, the more familiar she found them. They gave her strength and hope. It was just like when she saw the Wolf King’s eyes from behind his mask at Celestial Enterprise

However, the Wolf King was already dead

After a long time, she stared into his eyes and said with a hint of sadness, Your eyes remind me of someone I used to know.” 

Andrius raised his brows slightly. Who?” 

Luna said, The Wolf King!” 

Those words seemed to have exhausted her strength. After saying them, sorrow appeared on her face as she went into a daze. However, she clenched her teeth to avoid losing her composure in front of him and maintained her dignity

Andrius could not bear seeing this. He smiled faintly and used the muscles in his throat to change his voice to the one he used at Celestial Enterprise. “Long time no see, Ms. Crestfall.” 

That familiar voice…. 

It was the Wolf King

It really was the Wolf King


Luna was shocked and overjoyed. Her gaze scanned Andrius’s face and finally rested on his eyes where she could see her own reflection. Countless days and nights of longing and countless feelings of love and hurt erupted at that moment, almost making her burst into tears on the spot

Wolf King, you’re alive. That’s greatThat’s greatI knew that you weren’t” 

She choked up. However, she could not say anything more

She wanted to throw herself into the Wolf King’s arms and cry out loud, confessing everything in her heart. Nevertheless, she still did not have the courage

Andrius smiled again, giving her silent comfort

After a while, Luna’s mood calmed down a little, and she asked, Wolf King, why did the emperor issue an announcement saying that you had been killed? What exactly happened?” 

Andrius knew that she would ask this and immediately said, This matter is very complicated and 

involves a lot. It’s better if you don’t know. For now, I have a piece of advice for you.


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