The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 640


Chapter 640 

That was also the reason why Andrius agreed to reveal his identity to Luna

Luna looked up at him and asked, What is it?” 

Forfeit the fourth round of the competition tomorrowAndrius said firmly, With your current performance, you’re already qualified to be listed in the Earthly Ranking I advise you to retire now” 

Indeed, with Luna’s abilities, reaching this far was enough to bring glory and other assets to her family and New Moon Corporation 

Luna asked in astonishment, Why?” 

Andrius said seriously, “Because tomorrow’s competition is a conspiracy and is extremely dangerous Even I might not be able to come out unscathed. You don’t need to get involved in it.” 

A conspiracy…. 

Luna paused and said, I’ll think about it carefully.” 

Andrius smiled and said nothing. If he were to speak as the fake Wolf King, she would simply turn her nose up at him. Sometimes, this woman was extremely stubborn

Well then.” 

Andrius was about to bid farewell to her

Luna quickly spoke up. Wolf King, give me your contact information!” 

She was tired of living in fear and ignorance. She did not want to go on like this anymore. With the Wolf King’s contact information, she could directly communicate with him in the future and would not be 

duped as she had been in the past

Andrius paused and said, Okay.” 

He gave her his other number and said, I hope you seriously consider what I said about the fourth round of the competition.” 

Luna held the number tightly in her hand. I will.” 

If there’s nothing else, you can leave now.” 

After sending Luna away, Andrius called Harpy

A moment later, Harpy arrived where Andrius was staying. Wolf King!” 

I need you to do something for me.Andrius handed over a list filled with medicinal ingredients and said, Collect all the ingredients listed here and deliver them to me as soon as possible.” 

He wanted to prepare for tomorrow’s competition

If his guess was correct, many doctors and even the rules of the competition would be extremely unfavorable to him. The best solution he could think of was to take lifesaving medicine in advance

As long as the medicine was still in effect during the fourth round tomorrow, he would not fall victim to their schemes

Yes, I’ll get right on it.” 

Harpy took the list and immediately made the arrangements

Chapter 640 

There were many types of medicinal ingredients on the list. A while later, he managed to find most of them and had them sent to Andrius

However, there were some rare ingredients that they could not obtain

As time passed, Harpy became anxious

At the critical moment, a member of the Hawkeye Group called him. Captain Harpy, we have news about the remaining batch of medicinal ingredients

They’re in the hands of the Gerlandians who came to participate in the Gerland!” 

The Gerlandians…. 

Harpy immediately conveyed the news to Andrius

Andrius pondered for a moment and said, In that case, I’ll personally go and get the ingredients myself 

Then, he arrived at the hotel the Gerlandians were staying at 

What do you want, fake Wolf King?” 

Ever since Zachery’s death, Adam Durham, a doctor who had come along with Zachery, became the leader of the Gerlandians. He stared at Andrius with hatred

Andrius looked straight at him and said calmly, I want to buy a batch of medicinal ingredients that you 


Medicinal ingredients?” Adam looked around and smiled sinisterly. Sure. I’ll sell it to you for ten billion. Pay up! If you do, I’ll give you these medicinal ingredients immediately.” 

The fake Wolf King humiliated Zachery and Gerland in the second round of the competition, so Adam harbored a grudge

Furthermore, Zachery was dead now. Their expedition to Florence this time ended in failure

Adam was very displeased and set forth an unreasonable condition

Ten billion… 

He thought that the fake Wolf King would retreat

Ten billion?” Andrius sneered inwardly

That was extortion

He had come here with sincerity, wanting to trade fairly for these medicinal ingredients. However, since Adam was being so unreasonable, he could only use force to make Adam submit! 

That price is too high.Andrius raised a finger and said slowly, “I’ll only give youOne dollar!” 

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