The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 641


Chapter 641 

One dollar? Do you think we’re beggars?Adam was immediately furious and slapped the table. Teach him a lesson, boys!” 

He had been looking for a reason to deal with Andrius


A group of Gerlandians rushed in and instantly surrounded Andrius. They cracked their knuckles and bared their teeth as they approached him

Andrius remained calm and fearless. I came here in peace wanting to trade fairly with you. Why do you have to make things difficult for me?” 

Cut the crap!A vicious look flashed on Adam’s face. Get him! Beat him up until he’s an inch from death!” 

The men charged at Andrius




Unexpectedly, those people were no match for Andrius at all. He punched, kicked, and slapped them away before they could even touch him

In less than ten seconds, all the Gerlandians were lying on the ground

Andrius walked step by step toward Adam with a vague smile on his face. Can you sell me those herbs 


YyesAdam had pissed his pants in fright and quickly surrendered. Florence has always been a nation of courtesy Let’s talk things out. I’ll get the herbs now. Please wait for a moment!” 

Now, they understood what courtesy and talking things out meant. These Gerlandians really were in need of a beating

Andrius said expressionlessly, Go.” 

Adam hurriedly rushed outside as if he was granted amnesty

Just as he reached the door, Andrius said coldly, Remember, don’t try to play any tricks, or the consequences will be severe.” 

The chilling words made Adam shudder, and he nodded rapidly. Yyes, I understand!” 

Then, he ran away as fast as he could to somewhere Andrius could not hear him rant, Damn it! That son of a b*tch beat my people up and still wants to buy our herbs? My ass!” 

Resentment flashed in Adam’s eyes as he picked up his phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Hobsky. someone wants to rob me of the medicinal ingredients I possess. He even beat our people up. Please come and help me!” 

What? Who dares to act so audaciously in the capital? Just wait. I’ll bring our people over now! Five minutes! I’ll be there in five minutes.” 

The call ended

Adam smiled sinisterly..Fake Wolf King, since you dare to pretend to be the Wolf King and have the guts to beat my people up, I’ll throw you behind bars this time!” 

Then, he confidently returned to the room

Where are the ingredients?Andrius’s expression turned cold instantly when he saw Adam return empty 


Ingredients?Adam laughed and said in contempt, Is there something off with your brain? Or did the poison from the competition mess up your head? Did you really think that I’d sell those herbs to you for just a dollar?” 

Chapter 642


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