The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 642


Chapter 642 


Adam laughed without restraint

A dangerous light glinted in Andriusnarrowed eyes, and his voice was like ice. In other words, you plan on walking this path to the end?” 

Adam assumed that Sieg was already on his way and was not afraid of the fake Wolf King. “Don’t be so arrogant, kid! My path has no end in sight! HoweverYour path will end right now!” 

Andrius smiled meaningfully. It seems you called for reinforcements when you went out earlier Sure In that case, I’ll wait. I hope that your reinforcements don’t disappoint me.” 

Adam never thought that the fake Wolf King would see through his moves. However, he did not care This fake Wolf King would be dead when Sieg arrived anyway


He snorted coldly and did not speak


Just then, a flurry of footsteps sounded

Then, a group of burly men stormed in in an imposing manner. They scanned the place and immediately surrounded Andrius

After that, the group split apart, and a middleaged man walked over. He had thick eyebrows, a square face, and a severe expression. It was clear he was an influential official 

Andrius looked at the man and raised his brows

That man was Sieg Hobsky, the Strategic and Development minister whom he encountered briefly at an event in the Grand Aurelia Hotel with Dax

Thus, Andrius silently took off his mask

Sieg was just about to yell, but when he saw that it was Andrius, his legs weakened in fright, and he almost knelt on the ground

ItIt was the Wolf King

The Wolf King was not dead and had actually caught him

A chill surged through Sieg’s body like a lightning bolt, causing his heart to tremble. In just a split instant, cold sweat drenched his body until he dripped with it. He felt completely numb

If this idiot wanted to die, he could have chosen a simpler method like lying on the road, jumping into the river, or eating poison. Why did he have to provoke the Wolf King

Furthermore, he even dragged Sieg into this mess… 

Adam did not know that Sieg was already terrified of Adam

When he saw Sieg appear, he thought that the latter was here to support him and immediately became fueled with invincibility. Weren’t you very arrogant just now, kid? Try being arrogant again in front of Mr Hobsky

He raised his chin proudly as he said that

He’s your backup?Andrius looked at the trembling Sieg with a vague smile

Adam thought he had the upper hand and was just about to humiliate Andrius as revenge

Kneel down and beg for” 

However, before he could finish speaking, Sieg rushed up and kicked him in the knee, causing him to kneel before Andrius




Smack, smack, smack… 

After a series of slaps, Adam’s handsome face was swollen, and he was left dazed

Sieg grabbed Adam’s head and looked at Andrius, saying, You little shit, open your eyes and take a good 

look! The person in front of you is the soul of Florence the Wolf King!


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