The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 643


Chapter 643 

Thethe Wolf King

Sieg’s words were like a bomb, instantly causing the Gerlandians to feel like the world had turned upside down

Everyone thought that the Wolf King was dead and that this person was just wearing a mask and 

pretending to be him while participating in the competition

Unexpectedly, he was the real Wolf King

Furthermore, they had made all sorts of taunts and provocations, crowing that they would deal with the Wolf KingIt was really a refreshing way of seeking death




The Gerlandians could not hold it in anymore. They all knelt on the ground in unison

Wolf King, we were wrong!” 

Wolf King, please spare us” 

Wolf King, we Gerlandians are the real pigs. Please think nothing of us” 

Wolf King… 

The Gerlandians who were usually arrogant and domineering groveled and begged for mercy

A look of disdain flickered on Andriusface as he glanced at the Gerlandians. You’re begging for mercy now? When medicine flourished in Florence, you Gerlandians were still wearing animal skin skirts and lived like cavemen

Later, when Florence prospered, we generously educated you barbarians from other nations about morality and virtue. It’s thanks to us that you can live such a civilized life

Science, culture, philosophy, medicineAll of them were imparted to you selflessly by Florence. We taught you like you were our own children, resulting in the prosperity of Gerland and the development of Gerlandian medicine now

Even animals can understand human kindness, but not only did you guys not acknowledge your roots. you even dare to fabricate stories about the Florencian forefathers and attempted to replace them after they fed and clothed you

You’re truly ungrateful descendants! How dare despicable scoundrels like you dare to howl arrogantly on the land of Florence? You’re asking for death!” 

His words were justified and powerful, leaving the Gerlandians speechless. As Andrius spoke, his presence became imposing, and combined with the aura of the Wolf King, the Gerlandians were completely overwhelmed


Say no more, Wolf King. We were indeed ungrateful” 


Say no more, Wolf King. We’re despicable scoundrels” 


Say no more, Wolf King. We did indeed howl arrogantly” 


Smack, smack, smack

The Gerlandians were ashamed and awestruck, constantly slapping their own faces and sobbing as they 

did so

In just a moment, their mouths and cheeks were crooked. Some even lost their false teeth. They were afraid that the Wolf King would kill them in a fit of anger

Wolf King!Adam slapped himself to the point where he did not resemble a human, and he sobbed, We were wrong. We will apologize to the vast medical community and the people of Florence on the news soon! Please forgive us this time!” 

The other Gerlandians also spoke with fear, Please forgive us this time, Wolf King!” 

Andrius glanced over the Gerlandians and said expressionlessly, Remember! If I don’t see your apologies before the start of the fourth round of the Grand Medicinal Competition tomorrow… 

Then, you’ll all stay in Florence forever!” 

As Andrius spoke, a chilling killing intent suddenly emanated from him, making the Gerlandians shiver 

with fear

Yes, yes, yes! We got it, Wolf King!” 

We’ll make the preparations at once, Wolf King!” 

Wolf King” 

The Gerlandians did not dare to oppose and eagerly expressed their attitude

Andrius did not comment and glanced at Adam.


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