The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 644


Chapter 644 

Adam instantly understood and said, I’ll get the medicinal ingredients right away, Wolf King.” 

Ten minutes later, Andrius returned to the resting room

First, he used the herbs to refine three different detoxification pills

From today’s competition, he could tell that the doctors in the Heavenly Ranking truly lived up to their reputations. Their medical skills and techniques were the best he had ever seen and were only slightly inferior to Old Hagstorm’s. It would be difficult for him to win without giving his all

The three detoxification pills were a precautionary measure and were enough for him to handle the majority of situations

Old HagstormYou once warned me not to use this unless absolutely necessary, and to deal with all situations using my own strength as much as possible. However, I don’t have complete confidence this. time, so I’ll be using it.” 

He took out a bag

A pair of ducks were embroidered on the bag. He did not know if there was significance to them. He turned the bag over while looking at it, falling into thought

Old Hagstorm had given him this item when he left the mountain. It had the effect of refreshing the mind and clearing the spirit and was useful for preventing some hallucinatory poisons and other tricks

Old Hagstorm told him that although it was useful, it was an external aid and should not be used frequently. This was to prevent him from becoming dependent on it and hindering his own progress. He was only to use it in desperate situations

Andrius had always listened to his advice

However, the Grand Medicinal Competition was of great importance and involved the mystery of his identity and the corpses of his clansmen. He had to go all out. There was no room for error

Thus, he decided to take this item out

Now that everything was ready, he closed his eyes to rest and quietly waited for tomorrow’s competition

Meanwhile, at the Grand Aurelia Hotel, the Second War God hosted a dinner and invited the doctors in the Heavenly Ranking

Elmer, Frederic, Patrick, and Fergus were all present

After eating and drinking, the Second War God raised his wine glass and said with a smile, Dear doctors

I invited you here today because there’s something important to discuss.” 

Please speak, Second War God.” 

Second War God, I won’t decline if it’s about healing and saving lives.” 

Second War God, get to the point. I am dedicated to the medical path and dislike beating around the bush.” 

Second War God” 

The doctors spoke bluntly

Very well!The Second War God exchanged a look with Patrick and said in a low voice, This matter is about the competition tomorrow! I hope that you can all join forces to deal with the masked man.” 

After saying that, the Second War God downed the wine in his glass 

I agree!Patrick was the first to respond and also downed his glass 

The remaining three doctors looked at each other but did not agree 

Fergus sneered He’s just a kid I can defeat him on my own Why do we need to join forces

Frederic snorted There is no one in this world who can make us join forces?” 

Elmer did not think much of it either Second War God, is this the reason you invited un here tonight

The Second War God’s expression changed slightly at the doctors attitudes Then he smiled and said mysteriously. Perhaps you don’t know that person’s identity yet in that case let me tell you

He is the real Wolf King His name is Andrius Moonshade 

He is also the disciple of Hades Pin Old Hagstorm, the person who won the championship in the previous Grand Medicinal Competition!


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