The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 645


Chapter 645 

As soon as those words were spoken, the three doctors were instantly stunned, and their expressions changed

Fergus looked suspicious

Elmer looked wary 

Frederic gritted his teeth 

They might not have believed those words if they came from someone else’s mouth However, the Second War God must be much more informed about the Wolf King, so it must be true 

The masked man was the real Wolf King, as well as Old Hagstorm’s disciple 

Although 20 years had passed. Old Hagstorm’s strength was still vivid in their memories 

Even now, after 20 years of continuous research and progress in their respective fields they still had no confidence when facing him 

The Second War God saw their expressions and smiled triumphantly “So, do you still have absolute confidence in winning the competition this time? Andrius strength is unfathomable Only by joining forces to eliminate him will you have a greater chance of winning 

Shall we discuss a collusion now?” The Second War God slowly poured himself another glass. He believed that these doctors would make a wise choice

However, Fergus stood up and said firmly, Thank you for the important news, Second War God, but the Grand Medicinal Competition is about making connections using medicine and proving one’s medical 


If I don’t win the championship, that will be because of my inadequacy Please don’t bring up this matter again Goodbye!” 

Then, he left the luxurious private room

Elmer also stood up and said. Second War God, the Grand Medicinal Competition is a grand event in the medical community Where we reach depends solely on our own abilities I don’t wish to tarnish such a grand event because of momentary greed Goodbye 

The Second War God’s expression instantly soured when the two doctors left 

However the Witch Doctor Frederic, was still present He tamped down his anger and looked at Fredenc What do you think. Dr. Hopkins 

Second War God, do you mean Andrius from New Moon Corporation 7 An inexplicable light gintest o Frederics eyes 

in the past. Dick and Collin had bought a prescription from him. However, it was defeated by Andrius prescription. It was said that there were some flaws pointed out in his prescription, which made hun gry unhappy 

YesThe Second War God looked at Frederic in surprise and asked. So you mean


Frederic poured himself a glass of wine and raised it 


The Second War God instantly understood and clinked glasses with lun, saying look forward to working with you” 



The three men clinked glasses together, joining forces to deal with Andrius

Seeing Elmer and Fergus who were about to leave downstairs, Patrick’s eyes flashed sinisterly, and he asked, However, Second War God, are you letting them go just like that? Why not” 

Patrick was not a kind person. Otherwise, he would not have been associated with insects. He naturally had other thoughts now that the two doctors had learned about their plot and were unwilling to 


Now is not the right time yet.The Second War God sneered. “Wait until the fourth round of the competition tomorrow. You can deal with them at the same time as Andrius.” 

Patrick’s eyes narrowed, and he gave a wicked smile

The Second War God looked at Frederic

Dr. Hopkins, I already know about Dr. Mendez’s skills, but I still don’t know much about you. How about showing me some of your skills so I can arrange tomorrow’s affairs properly?” 

Frederic smiled proudly and said loudly, I’ll show you a little trick. Please lend me your assistant for a moment, Second War God.” 

Before the Second War God could understand what he meant, Frederic threw out a silver needle that pierced the assistant. The silver needle, had a groove at its head that held a drop of the assistant’s blood on it when it was retrieved



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