The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 646


Chapter 646 

Frederic took out a talisman he prepared beforehand and dripped the drop of blood on it. Then, he chanted an incantation

In the end, the assistant seemed to have his soul instantly sucked away, becoming lifeless and dull like a puppet

Come here. Sit down.” 

Following Frederic’s command, the assistant immediately walked over and sat down on a chair

Pour two glasses of wine and drink them.” 


Glug, glug… 

The assistant followed his orders and executed all commands like a faithful machine

The Second War God was stunned

Frederic asked smugly, What do you think?” 

Amazing!The Second War God clapped and promised, With your abilities, killing Andrius will be a piece of cake. After that, you can deal with those twoYou and Dr. Mendez can split the Klein family’s corpses equally

In addition to thatThe Second War God grinned and said, “I’ll let my elite warriors help you find the secret of the Kleins.” 

Thank you!” 

Thank you, Second War God.” 

The two doctors smiled sinisterly

The next day, the sun rose as usual. It was the fourth round of the Grand Medicinal Competition today

The round had not started yet, but online discussions about the competition already dominated the trending topics

Among these topics, the most popular one was the fake Wolf Kingthe Masked Man

Although the Masked Man is impersonating the Wolf King, he didn’t bring any shame to the Wolf King with his medical skills. You can tell from his performances in the second and third rounds.” 

The Masked Man really is quite skilled. He easily surpassed that Gerlandian in the second round and even did it with his eyes closed. There’s no doubt he has the strongest mind in the medical community 

His acupuncture and detoxification method in the third round was even more impressive. It looked more complex than what Elmer Deleon the Divine Needle Doctor did, and he was just as fast too. He’s definitely a strong contender for the championship.” 

Masked Man, I openly support you. I hereby declare that if you win the Grand Medicinal Competition championship, I’ll give birth to a litter of children for you!” 

Miss, I think you should stop drooling. This is the comments section. Wake up!” 

There were all kinds of comments. Most of them admired Andriusoutstanding performance and kept an eye on him

Of course, not everyone was rooting for him

Come on. Although the Masked Man is formidable, the other doctors are not to be underestimated. Just search for their achievements

Elmer Deleon, Fergus Bond, Patrick Mendez, and Frederic Hopkins are all renowned doctors. In terms of achievements, they’re all stronger than the Masked Man. Even if the real Wolf King were to appear, he might not be able to overpower them in terms of medical skills alone.” 

There’s still a gap between these doctors and the Masked Man. From what I see, he has a long way to go if he wants to win the championship.” 

Those people firmly believed that the doctors of the Heavenly Ranking only showed a fraction of their true strength in the previous rounds

However, they would show the world what true medicine was today

As the discussions heated up online, the grand hall at the venue was already packed with people. Not a single empty seat could be found

Countless dignitaries from other lands and medical enthusiasts came from all over to witness this grand event that only happened once every 20 years

Under the eyes of the public, Angus slowly went on stage

Ladies and gentlemen” 

The whole hall fell silent when he spoke

He looked around and smiled. After several days of competition, the Grand Medicinal Competition has finally reached its final round. Who will win the championship and be the final victor? We shall find out today!” 


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