The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 647


Chapter 647 

Now, please welcome the doctors to the stage!” 

Upon Angus’s words, the audience erupted in applause

The first to take the stage is the secondranked participant in the Heavenly Ranking of the previous Grand Medicinal Competition, Fergus Bond. In yesterday’s round, he easily treated the poison using the plainest and most ordinary method. I’m sure everyone still remembers it vividly

Please welcome him on stage!” 

Amidst the loud applause, a figure with white hair slowly went up on stage. He had a calm expression and bright eyes. It was none other than Fergus Bond

Dr. Bond!” 

Dr. Bond!” 

Dr. Bond!” 

Applause and cheers resounded from the audience without stopping

Next up is the thirdranked doctor in the previous Grand Medicinal Competition, Frederic Hopkins the Witch Doctor! In yesterday’s round, he ingeniously combined medicine and talismans to easily detoxify himself, displaying something unique yet unfathomable. Please welcome him on stage!” 

Frederic strode onto the stage amidst the applause. His eyes glimmered with a sharp light as he glanced around. No one dared to meet his gaze

Dr. Hopkins!” 

Dr. Hopkins!” 

Dr. Hopkins!” 

The voices of Frederic’s supporters were even louder

Then, Angus introduced Patrick and Elmer to the stage, and it was finally Andriusturn

Next up, please welcome the Wolf King!Angus looked at Andrius walking toward him and introduced loudly, Yesterday, the Wolf King used the Supreme Ultimate Needles to detoxify the poison, stunning everyone with his incredible skills. Please welcome him to the stage!” 

Andrius raised his head and walked to the stage confidently

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Thunderous applause resounded from all directions

It was as if the real Wolf King had appeared on stage

At least, in terms of performance in the Grand Medicinal Competition, the Masked Man’s medical skills 

were not inferior to the Wolf King, which earned him the cheers of the crowd

Andrius went to his position, his heart calm and unmoved

However, what surprised him was… 

Angus continued, Next up, hailing 

Sardar Ali512 · Follposted a video. adical Society in East River State

we have Ms. Luna Crestfall from New Moon Corporation! As a brilliant youngster, Ms. Crestfall has shown remarkable talent in this competition and made it to the final round, which is certainly no easy feat

This is especially true when just before today, several doctors felt that today’s competition was too dangerous and voluntarily requested to forfeit

However, Ms. Crestfall chose to face it bravely. Such spirit is something that our doctors have to inherit! Everyone, let’s give her a round of applause!” 

Angus delivered an impassioned speech, and a tide of applause surged from below

Ms. Crestfall, I love you!” 

I believe you can win the championship, Ms. Crestfall!” 

Ms. Crestfall, you can do it!” 

A small number of male fans who were attracted by Luna’s beauty could not help but cheer. However, the truth was that they did not believe that she would emerge as champion

Luna walked onto the stage amidst the applause. She wore a long white dress today, and her smile was calm and composed

The previous two rounds had greatly strengthened Luna’s heart. She no longer paid attention to the discussions and went straight to sit down beside Andrius

Wolf King” 

She smiled at Andrius after she sat down, and her brilliance at that moment put the sun to shame. She lowered her voice and said, We can fight side by side again.” 

Her fragrance wafted over, and her soft words lingered

Andrius could not help but feel a little restless. He sighed and thought, This girl’s courage is really 



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