The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 648


Chapter 648 

Luna felt incredibly satisfied as she looked at the Wolf King’s profile

Being able to compete with the Wolf King was a testament to her dedication and hard work in studying medicine during this period of time

From now on, she would be even closer to the Wolf King. He went from being unattainable to being within her reach. Nothing was impossible

Once all the participants were on stage, Angus announced loudly, Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth 

round of the Grand Medicinal Competition is about to begin! Now, I will announce the rules for this round

The rule for this round is that there are no rules!” 

As soon as he spoke, everyone was stunned

On the stage, Fergus, Elmer, and Luna frowned slightly

However, Patrick and Frederic did not seem surprised

Andrius was the same as always

Angus continued, Let me explain. Everyone present on the stage is a pillar of the Florencian medical community. A regular competition may not be enough to distinguish their levels. Thus, this round only has one final condition

As long as one doctor can defeat all the other doctors with rules they propose and all agree on, they will be the champion!” 

Everyone understood

The rule was simply letting the participants determine the rules together. It was certainly unique and 


Do the participants have any questions?Angus asked

Everyone shook their heads, indicating they had no questions

In that case, I hereby declare that the competition begins now!” 

Not long after his words, Frederic and Patrick exchanged a glance and slowly stood up

I have an idea. Frederic and I have joined forces to create a poisonous mist. This poisonous mist is specially developed by us using the most potent insects and witchcraft. Anyone inside will be poisoned and hexed

If you can’t neutralize it within an hour, you will be in mortal danger, and the insect and witchcraft will cause you to die an extremely tragic death

However, if you can concoct the antidote or survive inside the mist for two hours without dying, even if Frederic and I end up losing, we will gladly forfeit the championship.” 

An hour would lead to death by poison

In two hours… 

Their bones would likely turn to ashes

The audience instantly felt chills when they heard this

Patrick looked at the other doctors provokingly. What do you all think?” 

He was confident that this poisonous mist could kill Andrius, Elmer, and Fergus. He also believed that those three would definitely not back down

Sure enough… 

I agree.Andrius was the first to step forward

Me too.Luna smiled sweetly at Andrius and also stood up

“I have no objections.” 

I’m willing to give it a try!” 

Fergus and Elmer also expressed their agreement


I refuse too!” 

Me too!” 

Several other newcomers were fearful of the reputation of the Insect Doctor and the Witch Doctor. They chose to forfeit since their performance in the competition was already outstanding

On the stage, only Andrius, Luna, Elmer, Fergus, Patrick, and Frederic remained

In that case, let’s begin!Patrick grinned as he stared at the others with a sinister glint in his eyes

Soon, Angus set up the arena. It was a rather small enclosed area that was large enough for the four of them to freely arrange their medicinal herbs inside. He also provided them with an unlimited variety and quantity of medicinal ingredients

Be careful.” 

Patrick released the poisonous mist inside and closed the gate. In the end, he glanced at Andrius, and his lips curled up in a meaningful smirk

This time, he was going to make Andrius die in public!


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