The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 649


Chapter 649 

Inside the enclosed area, green mist continued to spread and quickly filled the space of about ten square meters, turning it into a scene of misery

Holy shitThat poisonous mist looks terrifying.” 

The doctors who quit made a wise choice. They might die in this round of the competition if they’re not strong enough.” 

Damn, just looking at it makes me dizzy. I wonder what’s going on” 

The audience could not even handle watching the situation. Many felt a heavy weight in their chests that made breathing difficult

On the stage, the mist entered the participantsnostrils and penetrated their pores. Symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and dazed expressions soon appeared among the four participants

After experiencing the symptoms, Elmer and Fergus immediately used their unique skills to attempt to detoxify themselves

Andrius and Luna did the same

However, Luna started learning medicine only recently and was not as skilled. Her symptoms worsened quickly. She trembled all over and foamed at the mouth. Even her hands that held the needles were shaking, making it hard for her to accurately target her acupoints

Eventually, she fell unconscious. Her body kept convulsing, and blood seeped from her orifices

At this rate, she did not need an hour. She would die within ten minutes


Andrius secretly passed a bag to Luna and fed her the special pill he made last night to protect her heart. Then, he used other herbs from the surroundings to make a pill to treat her

As for Elmer and Fergus… 



They tried their best to treat the poison but failed and fell unconscious. It was not because they were weak, but because Patrick and Frederic were prepared, and they were taken off guard

However, they managed to protect their hearts, preventing the poison from taking effect immediately Nevertheless, as long as they remained in the poisonous mist and did not detoxify themselves, they would eventually die from the poison

Seeing this, Andrius handed them two more pills and fed it to them with water

Now, the two doctorslives were saved

Andriusvision blurred, and he nearly stumbled and fell to the ground. He propped himself up by leaning on the table. Although he immersed himself in medical baths since he was young, he still found it somewhat difficult to withstand the joint effort of Frederic and Patrick

Huh? I thought he could hold on until the end, but he’s having trouble too.” 

That poison is really scary. Three out of four doctors are already down. He’s the only one still struggling. ” 

The Insect Doctor and the Witch Doctor’s combination is like an alliance between giants. Not many can 

Chap 649 

withstand it.” 

I wonder how long he’ll last.” 

The audience held their breaths. Only a few were whispering and discussing


Andrius quickly took out his silver needles




The faint silver lights sparkled like stars as the needles continuously pierced into Andriusacupoints, forcibly suppressing the poison. This poison was indeed potent, but he was confident


Just as Andrius let his guard down and was making the final effort to completely clear the poison from his body, there was an abrupt change

A bloodred insect suddenly appeared from the poisonous mist and silently climbed onto Andriusneck. It was the Calamity Devouring Insect!


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