The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 650


Chapter 650 


It bit down

Andrius felt like he was struck by lightning. His whole body stiffened and entered a strange state of 


Furthermore, he felt that it was as if a hole had appeared in his body, and all his strength was draining out 

of that hole like a flood

At this rate, he did not need an hour. He would become completely useless


Andrius used all his strength and let out a muffled roar, finally managing to throw a silver needle that pierced Luna’s side


Luna felt a prick and instantly regained consciousness 

Andrius could only rely on her to help him now. At the same time, it would fulfill another intention he had 

in mind

Wolf King” 

Luna faintly remembered that she had been poisoned and fainted. However, she felt comfortable now without any signs of poisoning. It was clear that the Wolf King had saved her

Thus, she wanted to thank him

However, her pretty face instantly turned pale when she saw Andriusstate. He was trembling all over and bleeding from all his orifices. The blood was also strangely black and emitted a foul stench that made people nauseous

It was clear that the Wolf King hurt himself when he was saving her

Luna asked anxiously, Wolf King, is there anything I can do to help?” 

Andriuswords were intermittent and said with difficulty. Quick. Silver needles. Shanzhong acupoint… 

Half an inch!” 

Luna immediately understood and picked up a silver needle, piercing it half an inch deep into AndriusShanzhong acupoint

What’s next?” 

GGuanyuan acupoint. Quarter inch.” 

Luna Immediately did as she was told

With those two needles, Andriuscondition improved significantly, and the rate at which his strength was depleting slowed down. His speech also became more coherent

Ms. Crestfall, I’ll teach you a few acupuncture techniques now. You must listen carefully and learn, then help me treat the poison, understand?” 

Luna’s gaze was focused since the Wolf King’s life was at stake. She took a deep breath, fully concentrating, and nodded solemnly. I will do my best, Wolf King!” 

Chapter 650 

Andrius did not waste any time and said, The first acupuncture technique is called HadesTear. First, apply it to my Zhongfu and Shenfeng acupoints” 

As he spoke, he could not help but smile wryly in his heart. It was always him giving others acupuncture, but recently… 

First, it had been Rainbow, and now, it was Luna

He was becoming more and more backward

With Andriusguidance, Luna gradually used the acupuncture technique

In the eyes of Angus and the countless spectators below, the fake Wolf King had fainted

It was Luna who repeatedly pricked the fake Wolf King with needles

Then, when the fake Wolf King woke up, his mouth opened and closed as if he was crying out in pain from the poisoning tormenting him

During the process, Luna remained calm and treated him with precision as if she were a Grandmaster

Hmm? That looks likeOld Hagstorm’s renowned technique, HadesTear!” 

Yes, it’s HadesTear! Oh my goodness, to think we’d be able to witness this extraordinary technique 20 years later in the Grand Medicinal Competition

HadesTear is said to be able to snatch back someone who’s already halfway through the gates of hell, forcibly extending their lifespan and making Hades himself shed tears…” 

Amazing! Truly amazing!” 

In the VIP seating area, Claude and the others saw Luna’s technique and had solemn expressions. Their eyes were filled with astonishment. Their words reached the ears of the audience nearby, who were also shocked


Although they did not know medicine, they knew who Hades was

If Hades called for someone to die, who would be able to remain living

However, Luna was now using an acupuncture technique that would make Hades cry!


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