The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 651


Chapter 651 

HahahaI love you, my goddess!” 

I knew that my goddess wouldn’t disappoint!” 

She’s amazing!” 

The audience watched with relish

On the stage outside the arena, Patrick and Frederic exchanged glances and frowned deeply

To be honest, they did not pay much attention to Luna. After all, they could tell from the previous poison- testing round that her skills were quite average. Her only advantage seemed to be her beauty

Let’s keep watching. I don’t believe that a little girl like her can break through our masterpiece.” 

They were only puzzled for a moment before sneering at the thought that Luna was just lucky

Wolf King” 

Luna was already sweating after completing one set of acupuncture techniques. Although HadesTear was powerful, it was way beyond the level of a beginner like her. Thus, it was still very challenging even with Andriusguidance

Fortunately, his condition improved a lot, which reassured her. She continued to ask, What should I do 


PhewAndrius took a deep breath and adjusted himself before saying, Next is the second acupuncture techniquethe Dragon’s Dance!” 


Luna did not dare to be negligent. She followed Andriusinstructions and pierced each needle on various acupoints on his body with increasing proficiency, such as rotating and resonating them

It was a showy and entertaining sight

She was not intending to flaunt, but Andrius instructed her to do so because these techniques had unique effects that brought out the full power of the Dragon’s Dance


When the final silver needle was inserted, it vibrated and reflected silvery light resembling a dragon dancing. It was pleasing to the eye and lifted the spirits

The audience below erupted when they saw Luna’s performance

Someone hissed

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Dragon’s Dance!” 

You’re not mistaken. It’s definitely the Dragon’s Dance! It’s a legendary skill that can dispel evil spirits in the body.” 

It seems that Ms. Crestfall is dispelling the evil spirits in his body to prevent him from being harmed by the evil spirits that Dr. Hopkins merged with the poison mist.” 

She’s amazing!” 

The spectators watched the show, and those in the know analyzed her technique

The guests could not help but admire Luna

Holy shit, my goddess is amazing!” 

I’ll be the first to fight whoever dares to call my goddess a hack!” 

We’ve misunderstood Ms. Crestfall all along. She was just hiding her true abilities and decisively displayed her talents in this crucial moment.” 

Luna, I support you!” 

The audience was so impressed by Luna’s performance that they could not help but cheer and shout in support of her

On the stage, Luna was already panting. Even with Andriusguidance, she still lacked physical strength

Next is the third acupuncture technique, and the most crucial one. It’s called Wandering World!” 

Andriusbreathing was much more stable. His body was mostly fine by now, but the insect on his neck. was still making his movements difficult

Okay! Please tell me what to do, Wolf King!” 

Luna remained focused on helping treat the Wolf King

First, you do this


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