The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 653


Chapter 653 

The Calamity Devouring Insect was intimidated by the dragon’s roar and instantly became disoriented. It flew away from Andriusbody and fell into Patrick’s hand in the blink of an eye

Then, it let out two miserable screeches, flapped its wings twice, and turned into a puddle of thick blood 

It was dead


Patrick also spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion paling

Frederic’s expression also changed

On the stage… 


Andrius breathed out a sigh of relief. The toxins were removed, and his qi surged. His bright eyes scanned the surroundings like a dragon overlooking the world. His magnificent aura shook everyone who saw him


Luna wanted to ask how he was, but she subconsciously stepped back in fear when she met Andriusgaze. She felt like a king was peering down at her from above

She felt insignificant, inconsequential, and awestruck

Was this the might of the Wolf King

She was in love

Luna summoned her courage and raised her head again. Wolf King, are you okay?” 

Andrius nodded with a smile. I’m fine.” 

That’s great.Luna breathed in relief, and her smile was so beautiful that it stunned Andrius

The audience was already amazed by Luna’s continuous and miraculous techniques. They all had their eyes wide and mouths large enough to fit a fist. Their expressions were reverential as if she was a deity

On the other hand, Patrick and Frederic looked like they had eaten shit. Their expressions were dark. They had been saving this trump card, but Luna dealt with it so effortlessly

The two of them fell into deep selfdoubt and gloom

They had devoted decades to their respective fields but were defeated by a little girl in her early 20s

Had they been researching the wrong path all these years

How could this be

How could this happen

Sage Doctor!someone suddenly shouted in the silence

Sage Doctor!” 

Sage Doctor!” 

Sage Doctor!” 

The audience’s passion was instantly ignited like a stone thrown into a calm lake. They all shouted and 

Chapter 653 

cheered for Luna

The entire hall was filled with praise for her


Amidst the noise, Angus walked on stage with a smile on his face. Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Mendez, according to your previous agreement, the championship of this competition belongs to Ms. Luna Crestfall.” 

Patrick and Frederic’s expressions darkened further and they exuded reluctance, but in the end, they were helpless and could only remain silent

ThereforeAngus looked at Luna and said loudly, I hereby announce that the champion of the second Grand Medicinal Competition is… 

The Medical Sage, Luna Crestfall!” 

It was a sudden and supreme honor

The cheers were like tidal waves

Luna was overwhelmed, and her delicate face was filled with confusion. She was dumbfounded. She just wanted to make a name for herself in the Grand Medicinal Competition and achieve some results so as not to disappoint the Wolf King’s teachings and expectations

How did she end up winning the championship

Life was truly full of surprises


The Wolf King

It must be the Wolf King


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