The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 654

Chapter 654 

The Wolf King saw how hard she had worked and decided to give her this great honor

Not only did he personally test the poison on himself, but he also patiently guided her step by step in front of the audience, making her the focus of the spectators and judges

He was so selfless and great 

Even if she dedicated her life to him this lifetime and the next, she might not be able to repay him back in 


Andrius saw her space out and hurriedly nudged her with his elbow


Luna snapped back to her senses and went up on stage

Ms. Crestfall, congratulations on winning the Grand Medicinal Competition. This trophy belongs to you!” 

The one presenting the trophy was the committee head of the Medical Society, Claude Martin

As he looked at Luna, he remembered the various extraordinary techniques she displayed earlier and 

could not help but exclaim, 1 never expected this

I’ve been studying medicine for many years and believe that there are few who can surpass me in Florence I wasn’t able to comprehend so many profound acupuncture techniques, but I didn’t expect you to easily demonstrate them, Ms. Crestfall

You’ve truly broadened my horizons There truly is no end to learning!” 

Luna blushed at his words

This trophy should belong to the Wolf King. She felt guilty holding it. However, she naturally could not say anything in this situation

Thank you, Mr. Martin! I thank all the organizers and everyone else for your support and love” 

After she expressed her gratitude, Claude continued. As for the prize of the competition, it’ll be distributed under the supervision of the Medical Society. Once again, congratulations, Ms. Crestfall.” 

Thank you!” 

Then, Claude left the stage and left the position to Angus and Luna

Angus said passionately. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to the Grand Medicinal Competition despite your busy schedules. I also thank all the doctors for their wonderful performances 

The Grand Medicinal Competition has come to an end! Now, let us bid farewell to all the doctors with 

the warmest applause” 

The applause erupted again for the nth time, and the audience left the venue

Andrius waited outside for Luna 

After all, the most important thing was the Klein family’s corpse which was in her hand.. 

However, before Luna came down, she was surrounded by countless reporters

Ms. Crestfall, how do you feel about winning the championship of the Grand Medicinal Competition

Ms. Crestfall, what do you think about the title Medical Sagethat your fans have given you?” 

Ms. Crestfall, when did you learn so many astonishing acupuncture techniques, and why haven’t you demonstrated them before?” 

Ms Crestfall

All sorts of questions came one after another

Luna could only respond to each and every one of them with enthusiasm and politeness but without much substance. She might as well have written perfunctoryon her face

There was no helping it. Her mind was fully focused on the Wolf King

Who cared about these people? She just needed to deal with them

After more than an hour of interrogation, Luna finally managed to break free and found Andrius in


Wolf King, I wouldn’t have won the championship if it weren’t for you.” 

Luna’s face was full of emotion, and her eyes were bright, reflecting the image of Andrius in his mask

Andrius smiled and said nothing

Wolf King, I want to make a deal with you” 

Luna looked at Andrius without blinking 7’ll give you the championship reward from the Grand Medicinal Competition, but in exchange, I want you to help me save someone.” 


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