The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 655

Chapter 655

Andrius raised his brows and asked, “Who?”

“The wife of Bardan’s king, Catherine.”

This incident made Luna realize something.

Although she won the championship with the Wolf King’s help, the honor still fell on her.

Medical societies and researchers from all over Florence would flock to New Moon Corporation in the future.

The rise of the Crestfalls and the flourishing of New Moon Corporation was just a matter of time. They would soar to the heavens. In the future, she would undoubtedly face elites from the capital and even the whole country or world.

Her every move would be scrutinized. There would be no room for mistakes.

Andrius was like a ticking time bomb. At least, in her eyes, his explosive temper could bring disaster to the Crestfalls at any moment.

Furthermore, his crime of assaulting the princess of Bardan would also hold her back. It was a stain and would limit the Crestfalls and New Moon Corporation’s development.

This was something that Luna would never allow.

Therefore, the best way to quickly separate from Andrius was to follow her grandfather’s instructions to cure Queen Catherine and persuade King Laurent to reduce Andrius‘ sentence or even pardon him.

That way, they would be even.

“The main reason why the king of Bardan came to Florence to observe the Grand Medicinal Competition is that Queen Catherine is suffering from a strange illness, and he’s looking for help.”

Luna explained, “As you probably know by now, my husband–in–name, Andrius Moonshade, has been arrested for assaulting Princess Yule. There’s a high chance that he’ll be sentenced to death.

“I want to gain King Laurent’s approval by curing Queen Catherine and using that to reduce Andrius‘ sentence. Then… I’ll divorce him.”

Luna suddenly thought of something…

After she divorced Andrius, she would boldly pursue the Wolf King!

Even if her title as the champion of the Grand Medicinal Competition was a phony, it was better than nothing. She should be worthy of the Wolf King.

A blush appeared on her cheeks as she thought of that.

Andrius touched his nose and agreed awkwardly. “Okay, I agree.”

First, he handed the prize to Luna, then he had to personally make a move to get the prize back. After that, he would use his medical skills to reduce his own sentence.

In the end, he would help her divorce him…

Damn, that really was confusing.

However, Andrius did not mind.

All he hoped was that the Crestfalls would develop better after he left so that Old Hagstorm could rest


In general, his goals were achieved today!

“Great, then it’s settled!”

Luna was in a great mood.

The sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy, the wind was warm, and the air felt sweet.

After this was done, she would be a free woman with no constraints at all.

Whether she became a fish in shallow water or an eager soaring in the sky would be all up to her!

It was a refreshing feeling!

“However, the reward hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll contact you after I receive it.”

Luna looked at her idol and smiled happily. Her eyes curved like crescent moons in the clear night sky, appearing beautiful and charming.


The two parted ways.

As night fell, lights began to shine.

Luna received a call from Angus saying that the prize for winning the championship–the skeletal remains of the Klein family–had arrived.

She immediately called Andrius. “Wolf King, the championship prize has arrived. It’s in a warehouse 200 meters east of the main hall.”

“Okay, I’ll go over right now.”

Andrius hung up the phone and immediately went to the location.

Outside the warehouse…

“Hello, sir. The items are inside. Please check them!”

Luna had given the staff a heads–up, so when they saw Andrius wearing a mask, they were not surprised and let him pass.

Andrius nodded and entered the warehouse.




Just as Andrius walked past the security post, several of them suddenly lunged at him. Their faces became ferocious, and their eyes went blank as if they had gone crazy.


Andrius frowned slightly at the sudden situation, but his movements were quick. He knocked down all the security personnel with just a few punches and kicks.


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